Photography is an art of capturing images. Photography works on architecture, science and fine arts. It allows one to express one’s own emotions and feeling. Unlike a painter, who is in direct contact with his subject and his canvas, a photographer is separated from his subject by the camera and from his “canvas” by computers and printers today and by darkroom equipment previously. The photographic art work, or image, is usually a fine print that has been mounted, framed, or published in a book. Part of the confusion about photography as an art arises because most prints appear to be straight replications of reality. It would seem that the photographer is just an “operator” of photographic equipment which “lifelessly” reproduces some real scene onto a permanent picture. On a summer day in 1827, Joseph Nicephore Niepce made the first photographic image with a camera obscura. Before Niepce people just used the camera obscura for viewing or drawing purposes not for making photographs. Niepce placed an engraving onto a metal plate coated in bitumen, and then exposed it to light. The shadowy areas of the engraving blocked light, but the whiter areas permitted light to react with the chemicals on the plate. When Niepce placed the metal plate in a solvent, gradually an image, until then invisible, appeared.

However, Niepce’s photograph required eight hours of light exposure to create and after appearing would soon fade away. Louis Daguerre was the inventor of the first practical process of photography. Photography is a very important tool that is used to capture our present into the photographs. It allows us to relive the past and in a way to keep in touch with the past. Photography gives us the means with which to share our lives and our loves with the rest of the world. Whether it is nature, sports, portraiture and other forms of photography we get a chance to express how we feel about the subject matter by the way we photograph it. Polaroid cameras have given photography a new level as it is used allows to take instant images. It is one form of relaxation for people nowadays and hobby for many others.

Photography is important for business too. In real estate, aerial photography will capture the area of the estate which will make it easier for them to make their clients see the whole estate. It is an important marketing tool also because advertisements and some marketing materials need to include high quality, accurate and clear photos to make their ads effective. Brochure should contain photos of what is being offered. Astronomers also rely on photography especially observational astronomy that needs to check the activity of the sky day and night. Stars and even planets are good subjects for photos because man is mostly fascinated by the heavens. In the fashion industry, photography helps a lot in promoting the latest trends and styles in fashion. It makes people aware of the beauty of fashion.

Nature photography deals with letting people know and appreciate the beauty of nature by photos of wildlife, natural scenes and flowers among others. Special events in life such as weddings, debut, anniversaries and baptism are being treasured in memory because of photographs. It has certainly increased the demand of photographers now days. It is no more just a passion or hobby it can be a profession too.

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