In this article, we will come to know about the various facets and benefits of portrait photography and how it seizes the resemblance of a person.

Photography is a pleasurable entity that can be taken as a business or a hobby. It can certainly be turned into a lucrative business by proffering services to individuals around you. They could be outdoor portrait photography, family portrait photography, baby portrait photography and last but not the least, wedding portrait photography. All types of portrait photography have their own significance in their respective ways. This type of photography is an easy way to interrelate with your entities and capturing their vital events that can create a reflection back in future on its procedure.

These days folks are becoming highly fashion conscious and they want to strike diverse poses so that they can be acquainted with the different shades of life. Such people need portraits for countless reasons. First off, extraordinary portraits can truly serve as magnificent and eternal possessions. These great portraits can be inherited from one generation to another. They can also be used for gifting purpose to your friends and family on their anniversaries or any other jamborees. Such priceless gifs are always cherished because they leave an eternal impact on the minds. They can also be used for the purpose of embellishing one’s home. When they are mounted onto a wall, they bring life and reflect positive vibes from a home. Such portrayals represent different aspects of the homeowner to the guests.

In other words, portrait photography, which is also known as portraiture photography, captures the likeness of an individual or a crowd by camerawork. In portraiture photography, the facial expression of a person that is being photographed is generally the focal point of the image. It would be not wrong to assert portraiture photography is a cautiously composed image of an individuals or group of individuals.

It might sound sad but it’s true that unique portraits can also help to commemorate a person who has bereaved. With the help of such great and wonderful portraits, people can recollect the memories of a friend, a family member or even a colleague. Such depictions immensely help people recalling those individuals who have left a trail of unforgettable moments that would last for good or those moments that have eventually transformed a person into a better human being. While this might seem modest, having a portrait taken is also a pleasant and wonderful sentiment. After all, it certainly makes a difference if you have your portrait taken by a professional.

Social Photography was started by Erin Michelle Slobogian also known as EMS. She is based in Vancouver and received a bachelor of photography at Emily Carr Institute of Arts and Design. She has been shooting weddings since 1994, has produced 4 solo shows as well and has been a part of numerous group shows and publications. She deals with portrait photography as well.

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