Let there be light! Photography cannot exist without light. Right from the commencement of photography the basic element that needs to be present for photography was light, and this still holds true even now. Use of light in photography needs to be mastered to create outstanding photos. It is the position of light that make or break the photo. Most of the professionals in the league have complete control over the light and stay away from the mid-day sunlight since shooting in strong mid-day sun make the subjects lose much of their detail. It is the back-light, twilight, front-light, and light from cloudy days also referred as diffused light that are mostly preferred by the experts.

The use of light can be the deciding factor in a photograph. Pictures are taken from different angle. If you click the same person with different backgrounds, the pictures will turn out to be different courtesy lighting. Out of several factors that contributes to the difference lighting is certainly one of the factors that the photographer experiences and uses to get different pictures of the same person with different backgrounds. Camera actually uses the built in light meter and measures how much light is being reflected to the camera. Mostly pictures are taken in the natural light. But, when it comes to professional photographers, the photography lighting equipment comes to play in order to capture the best angles and images. The equipments have a major impact on the location where the photographer is shooting and help a lot in getting better pictures.

The angle of light should be carefully taken into consideration. The angle of light can be used to show texture if it is coming from the side because the shadows create the effect of more depth. Light can add detail and mystery to an image. The most common light usage mistake that people make in case of a portrait pictures is having the light coming directly from the back though they don’t intend to create a silhouette. This results in a dark face of the subject and overexposed background. The effect of rays of light indoors and outdoors can be spectacular. The skill of the photographer lays in the ability to see rays of light in a photo.

For a successful photographer the use of light is essential to master. It is the job of the photographer to figure out form the light would come and how long the sensor should be exposed to the light in order to create a sufficient exposure. Only a professional photographer can best master the tricks of lighting in a picture. There are several studios that promise to offer best of photography services. But very few in the league have the skill to deliver stunning images. Best studios like Silvestri studio based in Norwich make use of the latest Photography Lighting Equipment, and techniques ensuring you get the best snaps.

Photographs are cherished keepsake. So go for for the best one to preserve your valued moments.

Samantha Stephens is a professional photographer and likes to write about Norwich Wedding photography. She is also interested in model photoshoots, boudoir, lifestyle photography and loves to share latest photography trends.

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