Five years ago he came into the world of photography after an absence of 20 years.Then I have a photographer of “Wrestling, I gave a face to the jokes, etc..:
Q – What is the difference between a professional photographer and packing the family Happy Meal from McDonald’s?
The Happy Meal can feed a family of four – Answer.
I started photography for the love of it. Finally I decided that whatever I do, a professional photographer will run my business cards and wait until the phone was ringing had become. I’ve been wrong my love for photography with success as a professional photographer.
For me as a “professional photographer” wet all the joy that photography has given me in recent years. I took jobs that were not profitable or difficult. I do not have the time and find out what type of photography that offers the greatest benefits from effort invested time and resources taken. I was not paying attention, where were my best potential customers or as “more than the offer” in my service to them. Although he was about to start my business to “professional photography” with the best intentions, plans, enthusiasm and commitment, I would probably doomed. Of course, I realize that this “and then” the money, enthusiasm and hope. Behind is often 20/20.
Now I’m back and my excitement and enthusiasm is even more intense than twenty years ago. The world of photography is the explosive growth and change almost as quickly. Since I am old now, should I take to mature and better able, thoughtful decisions and investigated. Well, sometimes I play my age. Sometimes …. Here are some of my classes.
The biggest aspect of the current picture is for me the technique. I prefer to shoot digital. Digital I can learn and practice more than I could with the film. I can also manipulate the image to obtain the best possible image. Technology helps me find information to help me in business decisions. Technology now allows me, my prospects and market specifically to them. He is blind marketing exercise.


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