The photography information that I have for you today is going to be about creativity and how an amateur photographer that is having a problem with knowing what to shoot and even more so knowing how to shoot it, can use a few simple techniques to come up with some amazing photos. Lucky for any amateur photographer we have digital photography and with digital photography your creativity is only limited by the imagination.

It use to be that you needed to have a high dollar camera and several different types of lens to capture the kind of photos that you can from today’s point and click style digital camera. That is why I say the amateur photographer is lucky because these digital cameras have in side functions that allow you to use different techniques to take more creative pictures.

As a amateur photographer it has been drilled into your head that you must be still and steady. You are told about the importance of keeping the camera still so that you come out with the sharpest image possible but sometimes you have to go out of focus to capture new and exciting photos. You need to experiment with your photography and think past your formal training.

A great way for you to experiment with your photography is to add motion to your images. This can be done by moving your camera or to have the subject moving. You could even create motion in the photo by having the background in the photo moving while the subject and the camera are still. By using any of these simple methods you can create images that are unusual and stand out from others.

One simple way to add motion is to simply twirl around and take a shot while you are twirling around. Take more than one photo while you are going around because you are sure to come out with a different image each time. I should add a word of caution here, twirling to fast can lead to fallen. No fun, especially if you land on your camera.

A safer way to capture motion is to stand still with your subject still and use the zoom on your digital camera. You will want to zoom in and out while you are actually taken the photo. Again here you will want to take more than one shot because you will capture a different image each time. You have the option to delete any images that you may not care for and remember it is not a bad shot if no one else sees it. As you can see, it is simple photography information like this that can have an amateur photographer shooting like a pro in no time at all.

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