It’s fun to be a photographer in the digital age. While the basic principles and science behind photography has remained the same since its invention centuries ago, photographers today have gadgets, programs, online services and sharing websites – the list of digital options for photography seems endless. While a great eye, creative edge and a passion to master the art of taking photos is still the single most important requirement to be a great photographer, there are some add-ons that can make any photographer’s photos that little extra special.


Camera bodies, lenses, tripods, flashes, filters – photographic gadgets are available now that early photographers could not have previously even dreamed of. Newer and improved models of photo equipment are released regularly, each with new features and capabilities allowing professional photographers to constantly grow and develop their talents further. You can see how the pros use this revolutionary equipment by sneaking a look into their camera bags.

After the photo

There are a huge number of ways professional photographers can get even more creative with their digital work using post processing methods. Photographer Yervant takes wedding photos that are made to look extra sensational with advanced filters and coloured effects. Check out his portfolio that he shared with Canon.

Branching out

Photography and CGI environments? In modern advertising, they go hand in hand. Urs Buhlman uses his EOS digital SLR cameras to photograph cars for some of the biggest automotive companies in the world, and specialises in shooting CGI environments for car advertisements.

Helping hands

Services such as Canon Professional Services are dedicated to helping the community of professional photographers, and offer things like super-fast repairs, cleaning of camera bodies and digital camera lenses, sensor checks, international support and evaluation of equipment.

Digital and online

New forms of marketing and media have changed the way that professional photographers advertise, display and sell their work. A well designed website is an essential part of a photographer’s portfolio (and for many, it forms the majority of their self-advertising). Check out some of their websites – Jackie Ranken’s website is a lovely black and white creation that reflects her passion for landscape photography.

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