Animal Planet Deep Sea Discovery Manta Ray Playsets

Seek out one of the ocean’s strangest and most fascinating creatures with this cool Animal Planet Deep Sea Discovery Playset, a Toys’R’Us exclusive! The manta ray figurine is designed in stunning, lifelike detail and moves its wing-like fins at the touch of a button, while the diver figure comes with tons of cool underwater photography equipment to help him get the perfect shot of this elusive animal. Two tuna fish figurines are also included to add even more life to your deep-sea environment. The Animal Planet Deep Sea Discovery Playset – Manta Ray includes a manta ray figurine, a diver with accessories, and two tuna fish. Manta ray is designed with lifelike black and white features; two blue fish perch atop its back. Press a button on the ray’s back to move its fins. Diver wears a detailed suit and is articulated at multiple points. Dive helmet and camera gear accessories are removable. Tuna fish feature realistic accents. Toys’R’Us is the home for Animal Planet toys, puzzles and animal themed playsets that you won’t find anywhere else. Remote control T-Rex dinosaurs and creepy crawling tarantula, dino and safari play tents, plush stuffed animals and jumbo T-Rex foam dinos all in one place! The Toys’R’Us Animal Planet store features toys and playsets inspired by the world of Animal Planet, with fun for the whole family. Get exclusive deals on today’s most popular toys and adventure sets with life-like animal assortments and themes from Animal Planet ONLY at Toys’R’Us! Be sure to visit our Toys’R’Us Exclusive Brand Store for superior toys, games and more.

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