Traditional event photographs were usually a large group shot including the main people at the event and showing a wide angle shot of the venue. Also there would be some ‘grip and grins’ which are photos of people shaking hands and smiling direct to camera. The reason for the restricted selection of images would be the end use of the images. Most were for PR purposes, going out and annouce an event to the press or to be used in a brochure or annual report. 

The use of the internet by business has seen a huge demand to use images to promote a companies success and acheivements. It is with great ease that a business can digitally record an event and then publish it on their website within hours so that people that attended can view their photos and the business can use the event photography to promote its profile to potential clients and employees. 

I have undertaken a wide range of event photography commissions in London from capturing a awards night to a business debate. Corporate clients can now use event photographers to capture a good record of even a minor event and use the imagery on a blog or news update on their website. Images of an event really promote the next planned event and help businesses gain a wider audience for their promotions.

The contemporary style of event photography is to capture more informal images of the people and try and gain a feel of the atmposhere and variety at the event. Many of the recent commissions I have covered have been at networking events where the client wants to show how beneficial the event is to gaining new business via networking, This is where a good event photographer can capture natural and informal photos of people talking and interacting with each other. These type of images involve the photographer working in and around the networking event and being aware of what is happening at the event so that they can be alert and ready to capture the important moments in the event such as the speaker addressing important points with a presentation or key members and clients networking with each other so that the organisers can use the selected images to promote their future events.

Modern digital cameras allow photographers to operate under much more varied conditions so the use of lighting added to the venues current lighting is not normally required. This reduces the need to flash lighting and allows the photographer to work in a much more discreet way.

A good set of event photographs should be able to tell a story of the event to someone who was did not attend but might be interested in attending the next event. A record of the venue- key moments, people of interest, what the event was about, any banners or pop up displays also food drinks etc these things all come together to give a general and interesting feel and illustrate the event in its best light. These can be combined with corporate headshots to give an overall feel of the event.

Recent event commissions have been at the Epsom race course, The London Stock Exchange, University of Winchester, and many interesting and varied venues around the UK.

If you would like to see further samples of my work please visit my event photographer London blog.


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