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25 Responses to Back to Basics: Wedding Photography

  • Lalatiana Razafinjato says:

    someone knows the music of the first slideshow?

  • dotjn5 says:

    P mode…. Sorry, no. Very inspirational, but p does not stand for
    professional. To tell people to know their gear and then say I shoot in P
    mode makes me cringe.

    Know your gear, know the lighting and how your gear responds to said
    lighting and you won’t have to chimp. 

  • Nicola Cooper says:

    I don’t usually comment on videos, but this guy is amazing. I was in tears
    throughout !! I love him x

  • Shree Vella Wedding Photography - Gold Coast, QLD says:

    Some great tips here. Thanks much Joe

  • Mark Hellfarmer says:

    So far probably the best 2 hours I spent on youtube! 

  • Jim L says:

    This video is the best of its kind! Thank you for sharing this Joe..

  • Cam Quynh Nguyen says:

    Truly inspiring. 

  • Luu Binh An says:

    Learned a lot, thanks for this sir

  • Sam Lenderman says:

    so inspiring, I smile when he’s talking about the moments that he remembers
    capturing because I feel the passion that he conveys.

  • Javier Botero says:

    Fantástica conferencia, este fotógrafo realmente consigue una conexión
    emocional entre el sujeto y la fotografía. Es en verdad fantástico.

  • predikarn says:
  • dan octa says:

    it’s amazing

  • Pattaradhorn Rujeraprapa says:


  • Kristy Robinson says:

    Wow… I found my why.. thank you!


    I am so excited to photograph my first two weddings this year. I pray that
    I can get through them without crying. I cried every time Joe played a
    slide show. Thank you for sharing your story with us and inspiring us to
    not only shoot images but to capture perfect moments. I’m excited to
    start working in the “P” mode and see if I can make it as easy as you make
    it sound. Thanks again for the 2 hours of pure photography pleasure.
    Can’t get that on TV these days!!!

  • Mike Roeder says:

    Good presentation. Though, “chimping” really means what he called “spray
    and pray.” “Chimping” refers to the thousand monkeys typing for a thousand
    years creates Shakespeare addage.

  • Marius Godeanu says:

    I think the greatest lesson to learn from this is that it doesn’t matter
    WHAT you sell exactly, is HOW you sell it.
    There are FAR better photographers out there, with a lot more technical
    skill than Joe. I am looking at the photos from the sunset beach ceremony –
    the angles are not the best, there is some obvious HDR look due to the fact
    he shot with no additional light or reflector against the sun, the
    composition is often not at it’s best, sometimes due to improper focal
    length, the place and the weather looks absolutely stunning and had an
    incredible potential – but these are the things only another trained eye
    could see, another photographer or someone “in the business” – not wanting
    to sound “braggy” but most of the clients have no idea about straight
    horizons, rules of third, perspective distorsion etc.
    Surely some other photographer could have pulled a WAY BETTER job there,
    but in the hearts of the clients, these are the best photos in the world,
    absolutely perfect. And that’s pretty much the most important thing.
    Joe may not be the best technical and skilled photographer, far from it,
    but he is one of the most sought after and ( I reckon ) expensive
    photographers in the world, because I have rarely seen someone talk with so
    much passion and soul about his work – regardless of profession ( not just
    photography ). He simply takes you and dives you in an ocean of emotion and
    feelings just by listening to him – it’s simply impossible for him NOT to
    be successful. It’s very obvious he loves his work and not only he believes
    what he is talking about, he also FEELS IT and makes the client feel it too.
    It was an absolute honor to see this workshop online and I’ve learned more
    about life and soul, about expressing to clients, about making them feel
    unique, than I did about pure photography as a profession.
    If I had the money, I would probably pick someone else as my wedding
    photographer for the reasons stated above, but hell, it was very inspiring
    to hear him talk. This workshop will not make you a better photographer (
    like many others might ) – but it will show you what it takes to actually
    be a GREAT MAN – a great performer and why not, a great salesman.
    Congratulations mr. Joe Buisink, it’s been … emotional !

  • Samantha Griggs says:

    Really, really enjoyed this. Could not stop watching the entire video.
    Thanks you so much for being so inspirational Mr Buissink

  • Robert Mecaj says:

    This is the guy that I would watch his videos if they were 15 hours long.
    6* Rating for your presentation, your work does not need complimenting…

  • TheG7thcapo says:

    Man youre not just a photographer… Youre an orator…you can run for
    presidency….great video!!!!! I love photography!!!!!

  • sam yosef says:

    you have to come from place called love to be a photographer

  • Rodrigo Cassou says:

    my best 2 hours learning!

  • Lindsay Lee says:

    This video made my cry a few times. It strangely… or not so strangely…
    made me feel all the the love I have for my pets. I am shooting a wedding
    on Saturday and it is my 3rd digital but 7th overall and this video gave me
    soooo much inspiration! It made me really proud to be an amateur in this
    art form and proud of the work I have already done. I definitely thought
    about what I bring above other photographers. I think the reason a lot of
    people don’t think about that is that they are afraid they won’t come up
    with anything. I was…. but I did and I want to thank you for that! 

  • Dreamer says:

    He is mad, eccentric 🙂 But one of the greatest I have ever seen. Each
    picture tells a story. Love it! Thanks B&H

  • 89FutureDoc says:

    This brought me so much inspiration! I actually sat back and thought about
    why I became a photographer! Thank you for showing this presentation I will
    never forget why I do what I do!!!


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