By combining his passion for photography and sport, Craig Golding has become one of Australia’s best sports photographers. In this sports photography tutoria…

14 Responses to Canon EOS – Sports Photography Tutorial with Craig Golding

  • Canon Australia says:

    Thanks for your question – do take a look at our full range of DSLRs here: Cheers, the Canon team.

  • jacintah99 says:

    wow i love your photography! great tips, thanks 🙂

  • paperboyatyourdoor says:

    Hey I was wondering if you could help me choose a dslr for shooting big ten
    football games. I would need good fps and good detail in the pictures.
    There will also be some night games so also good with med-low light. Any
    help would be great. Thanks

  • tomtheskater7 says:

    What Lens should i buy for a Canon EOS 1100D (18-55mm) for taking pictures
    of Action sports (e.g Skateboarding)? thanks

  • Canon Australia says:

    Thank you for your kind comments. Cheers.

  • bumblebee561 says:

    im new to photography, i got the canon rebel T3I and was wondering, do all
    canon lenses fit all canon cameras? like i want to buy some lenses but how
    do i know they will fit?

  • Canon Australia says:

    @KapteinFruit Thanks for your question. Please take a look at our World of
    EOS microsite (Google “world of EOS”) for more tips. Cheers

  • Eleaseah Christopherson says:

    We are using this video in my photography class as a lesson in shooting
    action, great job (:

  • Anthony Easley says:

    Im in photography class and have to watch this 🙁

  • iamkevinism says:

    excuse me sir, is there a specific software that canon provides in order to
    edit/view a RAW file format?

  • Canon Australia says:

    @KapteinFruit Thanks for your question – search YouTube for this video
    “Canon EOS – Chris Bray Creative Tutorial: Canon DSLR Lenses “. Cheers

  • Canon Australia says:

    @bumblebee561 EF mount lenses are suitable for all Canon cameras. EF-S
    lenses would suit your camera (e.g. EOS 600D) as well. Cheers, the Canon

  • John Guiuo says:

    Epic photo on 0:18 hahaha

  • Canon Australia says:

    @T3hTroll Head on to your local authorised Canon reseller for more details: Let us know how you
    go. Cheers, the Canon team.


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