Please, visit my facebook page at Aquí se puede ver a Cartier Bresson con su cámara en la calle.

We visited photographer Christopher Anderson to talk about his work and his life-changing experience aboard a Haitian refugee boat that sank in the Caribbean…
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26 Responses to Cartier Bresson Street Photography I

  • herbsrme23 says:

    carrying that camera at .22-.27 sec….beautiful.

  • Ivan Cruz says:

    muy buen video lo maximo

  • Pierre Blanchette says:

    @mainandmizzen I speak french, english and spanish.If you put in the
    effort,it is possible and so interesting to open up to a different culture.

  • wetcanoedogs says:

    billions of photos from cell phones and not ten come close.

  • fb8568 says:

    I hope it got a English subtitles, can any translate it??

  • wlodekbar says:

    Wielki fotograf – dobre wideo!/Greit photograph – good video!

  • frafra91 says:

    great, great, great!

  • HeavySabre70 says:

    @catalinaumbert Believe me I do know this. If you see another message I
    posted above, you will know that I live in Thailand (I’m Australian) and
    I’m fluent in Thai. I’ve been here for 14 years and I have never stopped
    learning as much as I can about Thai culture, society and traditions. I am
    absolutely aware of how fascinating and rewarding it is to learn about
    different cultures and speak a foreign language. I love being able to speak
    a second language, especially one as difficult as Thai.

  • Artur Kaczorowski says:

    I never understood why André Kertész never got the same acclaim as
    Cartier-Bresson or Evans.

  • mainandmizzen says:

    You are in the right of it. I would like to learn French. I have lived in
    Thailand for 13 years and are now fluent in Thai. French would be great
    too. And Spanish.

  • kenjiari says:

    i’d be happy with spanish subs 🙁

  • phil.g says:

    lanchapatera, could you give any subtitles you have? If you don’t have the
    english ones, online-translators will do ))

  • dipro001 says:

    subs 🙁

  • Fábio Morbec says:
  • PerfectoDigital says:

    That was beautiful. Anderson’s narration and his message made me so calm
    and he reminded me of why I love photography so much. 

  • Andrea Shkreli says:

    Nice epidsode. Is not about camera, is not about lens but is about vision.
    Is delight to see and capture images. That is the point.
    Congratulations Vice for one more time. :)

  • Gabriel Corredor says:

    What Nikon is it? Does anybody know?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Ivan Sanchez says:

    genial documental!

  • NUKAxXxCOLA says:

    Great Motivation for beginners and high-end photographers alike. Enjoyed.

  • Shannon Deal says:

    I enjoyed this so very much. I have loved photography my whole life, I feel
    its a way to see some elses point of view. Ive been stuggling with weather
    or not to pursue photography as a career. I want to make pictures that make
    people feel. Not just 25 photos of forced smiles on burnt discs. Thank-you
    for inspiring me.

  • ren642653 says:

    What lens is he using?

  • Artikle Blak says:

    Fantastic work and personal insight to photography. Thanks. 

  • Henry Stradford says:

    Entering New Worlds Through Photography

  • Czar Klaus says:

    Great video. Just wish the volume of it was a little higher.

  • KI- O RA says:

    this is an awesome story,its a real tregedy,but it had totally been a gift
    also. visaral photography,i love it. 

  • Philip Watson says:

    stunning photography


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