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20 Responses to Contemporary Trends in Photography

  • Gabriel Bucataru says:

    if you have 1.41 hours to kill, this might be a great time to invest.
    Eileen Rafferty talks about the major trends in contemporary photography.
    She touches on some of the most prominent trends like:

    Mixed Media
    Constructed Realities
    Moving Image
    Snapshot Aesthetic

    #photography #trends 

  • ookiemand says:

    Nice presentation, cool to learn some history, and some inspiring images
    too, Thank you.

    ps. why such an emphasis on women’s works?

  • Quaaartz says:

    i feel sad for kodak.Russian Zenit camera had been released in 1952 and it
    was already a “rip off” from Zorki camera that was made in 1949. Zenit is
    still usable worldwide even now.And Helios 40-2 is still one of the
    greatest prime lens in the world.Go Russia!And yea,great video,thanks :)

  • Jonathan Médor says:

    I got a ton of ideas off of this.

  • blutformel says:

    Excellent as her last talk at B&H I saw on Youtube. Wanna definitely see
    more of her, because she is able to structure and categorise trends and
    movements in a very intuitive way.

  • Robert Herzberg says:

    Bit disappointing, more a show and tell by one persons oppinion. I
    personally didn’t learn anything today, except I wasted time watching it 🙂
    if your into photographic history, you’ll like it. Never the less I
    appreciate B&H Shows very much, thank you. Just not this one, lol.

  • Duane Shrode says:

    @1:00:00 cool photo

  • Laith Shanshal says:

    this is what Jerry Ghionis talked about when he said ” if u cant make a
    great photo take a bad one apply a couple filters to it and call it art”

  • billfromelma says:

    I subscribed awhile back and have been watching most of your stuff. Gotta
    tell you , your videos are great. Well thought out and informative. Thanks
    for taking the time to help us out ! Great stuff.

  • Viran Solanki says:

    is it not true that many photo editors/art directors still require a print
    portfolio when deciding on who to hire??

  • Gregory Cazillo says:

    Dogs or cats?

  • David Croft says:

    I do like your lighting on this, i notice there’s a nice catchlight in the
    eyes, is this due to a soft box, reflector or just a standard light? Once
    again, great tutorial. Thanks Greg.

  • richandiben says:

    Dogs of course!

  • Gregory Cazillo says:

    I guess it depends what area of the country/world you are in.

  • Gregory Cazillo says:


  • Federico Feroldi says:

    Thank you for your answer! I’ll look on the right program (Android) to show
    my photos.

  • Gregory Cazillo says:

    It might sound crazy but she feels naked without the harness, its always on

  • badlakan says:


  • Jrailer says:


  • Kelly Fought says:

    I have two Bassets and love taking pics of them, this helps a lot. Thanks


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