Creating Dynamic Landscape Photographs

Tim Cooper Photography: Upcoming B&H Event Space Seminars: Join professional landscape photograph…
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  • B and H says:

    +RoyalFlush168 Thanks for your inquiry – please contact Tim Cooper
    directly at

  • B and H says:

    +Linda T The Depth of Field calculator that Tim Cooper talks about in
    this seminar is called DOF Master. You should be able to find their site
    through a basic Google search. They have a DOF calculator there, along with
    a link for downloading their app to your iPhone/iPod Touch. *Christina* 

  • B and H says:

    Join professional landscape photographer and author, +Tim Cooper, for an
    information packed Lecture on #LandscapePhotography. Tim explains how to
    capture both dramatic and quiet landscape photographs using proper light
    and good technique.

  • Tim Cooper says:

    B&H has just posted a 1 1/2 hour video of my Creating a Dynamic Landscape
    Lecture. Click on the link below to learn how to use Light, Lenses and
    Depth of field to create compelling and expressive landscapes!
    #phototips #video #tutorial #photography #landscapephotography 

  • Dana Lynn Moyer says:

    Very informative and well thought out video. Thanks so much for taking the

  • SuperDashRendar says:

    1:03:10 Light is the most important? I thought it was the lens? B+H don’t
    sell light last time I checked. :-)

  • RickyCollier-Waiomio says:

    whats a good polariser to buy for canon?

  • zcarenow says:

    the only way to really get perfect photos is to use pp programs afterwards
    which is the standard norm nowdays. btw, where is your focus point mostly?
    in the foreground and background in these type of landscapes?

  • Mike Montalvo says:

    Creating Dynamic Landscape Photographs

  • Darrell Young says:

    If you want to learn how to shoot landscapes, there is a skillset that must
    be acquired. The camera can only go so far with the often massive dynamic
    range contained in a landscape shot. Postprocessing is usually required.
    Here is a 1.5 hour discussion of how to create dynamic landscapes. When you
    have time, sit down and enjoy this excellent presentation:

  • RPG Entertainment says:

    he hated grad filter because he was using cokin filter…. can someone tell
    him about Lee or Singh-ray filter system please :D

  • Ponte Ryuurui says:

    the photo at 55:00 is sick! great tut, btw!

  • Scott Davenport says:

    Worth the time. Tim’s explanation of focusing for landscapes is very good. 

  • canturgan says:

    Canon users can download Magic Lantern, it has a focussing distance
    indicator (manual focussing mode) plus many other focussing aids.

  • TsarKaz'm The 99th says:

    That was very informative.

  • Linda T says:

    High don’t suppose you could give us the links for the DOF calc?

  • trevorpinnocky says:

    If you are shooting in RAW it really matters quite little what your white
    balance is set to. It does not become part of the image data, it is simply
    ‘tagged onto’ the image data. RAW data is just data.

  • Fish says:

    Yay, another landscape video. Nice! Gonna watch it right away


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