Lessons in event photography pricing for photographers tha…
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14 Responses to Event Photography Pricing

  • kmp1970 says:

    very nice video…

  • Chuks okoli says:

    Kalem, I owe you. You just gave a son from Africa a lifeline. I will keep
    you informed on my progress. Customer service is the Key! I wont forget

  • Frank Quezada says:

    Thanks Kalem, I truly admire that you stand your ground on your pricing.
    Your info that you provided will not only help me but I’m sure it will help
    young people that are just getting started.

  • Bikezilla Bz says:

    you include 200 4x6s or 200 5x7s or 200 8x10s as part of what you give the
    customer for whatever price your hourly rate is? how do you charge for
    anything they want beyond the photos included in your hourly rate pricing?

  • Jose Martinez says:

    Thanks for the great info. We are currently trying to get our company going
    as photographers. My wife and I will be able to work as photographers. We
    have been very fortunate to have people like our work. I am a fine art
    street photographer and my wife is very talented at portraiture work with a
    tremendous wealth of knowledge in lighting. We both are art students here
    in SF in California.

    Once again thanks for the knowledge you delivered. 

  • respectfulremixer says:

    Very useful – thanks Sir

  • CyberOrganic says:

    Thank you for your informtive video. I have a question, do you print all
    200+ pictures or 2,4 etc..? I’m starting my own business and I want to
    include a package. 

  • Anwin Wilder says:

    Great info. I really needed that because I’m just getting started. I just
    graduate from a tech. school for photography, digital photography and
    videography. Thanks

  • Skvora Limited says:

    Agreed man. Cameras don’t buy themselves, skills/school isn’t instantaneous
    nor free, and most importantly event guests don’t want to work to create
    memorable photos themselves.

  • John Villerot III says:

    This guy is awesome!

  • mlw1968 says:

    Good job Kalem.

  • Mister Green says:

    The point you made about the restaurant industry pricing was truly a great
    comparison. Really great point. 

  • DMIMAGE says:

    Makes sense, I like the eating out analogy.

  • Tony Le says:

    respect you, im planning to open my own business soon


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