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23 Responses to Eye Contact – portrait eye photography, tips for getting the best from eyes in your photography

  • Mbus Mbock says:

    My Photo Book 007

  • Maximo P says:
  • respectfulremixer says:

    useful – thanks

  • damaged2 says:

    I love you, you’re gorgeous *dies happy*

  • James Frye says:

    When you have something green around your face, it really brings out your
    beautiful eyes, you are very pretty, you should take more of those photos.

  • Hector Ramirez says:

    I love taking pics of the eyes, great tips!

  • ZeroCostProductions says:

    Thanks for the information.. very useful… what kind of lighting you used

  • TheNoble6001 says:

    This video helped me so much!!! Thank you so much!!

    beautiful eyes and great skin color. also thank you for the tips, i’ve been
    talking to a girl for some time now and she has gourgeus eyes and im not
    very experienced photographer :/ but this helped me alot, thanks again!!!!

  • AminTheMystic says:

    Great video as usual . . . but the last image, for me, does not quite work,
    or, it is not as good as it could’ve been. The scarf, rather than being
    close and actually wrapped around your face isn’t and the space creates a
    really odd effect. 

  • Seishiro Sakurazuka says:

    Good insights from a model point of view after viewing many tips from
    photographers. Thanx

  • Danger Magee says:

    wanna date?

  • Danny's Photography says:

    Awesome… Thank you..

  • damaged2 says:

    Great tips, will focus on these for my next shoots

  • premkris789 says:

    In your last photo where u are just showing the eyes (covering everything
    else with green), your right eye seemed to be slightly out of focus right?
    or am I the only one seeing that ?

  • goodtimes1104 says:

    Is your second photo a crop or is that the original? I like the tight
    frame along with the black background which really make you pop.

  • Dr Shikhar Kaushal says:


  • TribalManners says:

    whoa. calm down, talk slower, less movement. i kind of get the feeling
    you’ve only got minutes to live.

  • DUIshenanigans says:

    At 7:02 that photo with you in the green scarf, great idea but the shot
    isn’t in focus, its like your photographer focused on your scarf just above
    your left eye….just saying probably not a good photo to have published
    and then emphasize focus with it.

  • Grenier Caroline says:

    You have beautiful eyes…my eyes are hooded and small…i dont expect
    anything from them. It´s too esy for you. Thanks for the tips thought.

  • darwin de pasion says:

    are you in MANUAL mode or ur in APERTURE mode here

  • Yu2beFool says:

    I think you tutor us well – especially considering the quite high rate. It
    does not annoy or enerve me because I still am able to remember all you
    say. Foremost I appreciate this because it obviously shortens the length of
    the videos (gives me more time to see the next, to see the next, to see the
    next, to see the next…) (lol)

  • Fran Guti says:

    Hi ! que Camara Usa para sus Fotografias ? Thank You

  • Jack Santos says:

    Thank you.


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