– Flash photo tips for all camera types. Whether you have a little point-and-shoot or a digital SLR with hot-shoe flash, there …
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25 Responses to Flash Photography Tips

  • Mukendi Kalambay says:

    Really like your explanation best ever on this subject on YouTube

  • Jhansi Bhanu says:

    u r a legend man. I love photography. I’m keen to learn about photography
    from basics. this video helps me a lot to learn about flash.I don’t like
    flash bcoz i don’t know how to use it.
    Is all ur training courses in ur website free?
    any recommendations for me how to learn about photography and editing using
    Im little bit confused where to start learning about photography.
    I really appreciate ur help.

  • Paulo R Vieira says:
  • Quinnza11 says:

    Would the Same tips for dslr as a mirror less

  • Ana Yalangozian says:

    Very clear and helpful. Thank you!

  • Rough-Trader says:

    So easy to understand unusually helpful, thanks

  • methanbreather says:

    that was very helpful.

  • misidee says:

    Thank you sir

  • Simon Gray says:

    Thanks for that tutorial I actually understood it and comes way above most
    of the other flash tutorials, you gave the right balance between basic and
    technical info, a natural at teaching thank you.

  • AlyVan2013 says:

    Wow Phil, I have to say you are such a great inspiration. Your tutorials
    reflect your talent and your love for photography. You pass on the
    encouragement I need to stay engaged when learning something new and make
    it extremely easy to follow along. Thank you for your help!

  • CreacherRDK hs says:

    I want to get a detachable flash.. Im a beginner but i just got a DSLR and
    i want to get better quality photos. i have a Nikon D3300.. What would be a
    good light where i could use those… signal triggers? ..that would fit and
    work with my camera.. and be a decent price.. i know those lights can be
    exspensive so….

  • Zoran Bogoevski says:

    Thank you for the video

  • Uni Asif says:

    couldn’t help but notice, where are rest of your eybrows? hehe helpful
    tips, thanks ;)

  • shivarekha says:

    Awesome, well-presented and quite easy to understand video. I am at a level
    where I am seeing concerns with being able to get the right amount of light
    when I use flash, so this really is very helpful and informative to start
    playing with the flash options. Keywords: Fill-flash, slow-sync flash,
    flash-exposure compensation, diffuse/soft screen, hot-shoe flash.
    ….and I like your shirt too. Thank you Mr. Steele!!

  • Vernon Chan says:

    Very nice tips

  • White Box Photography Limited says:

    Want to take better photos with FLASH
    Check out this great tutorial
    Flash Photography Tips

  • Filipino Photographer says:

    i learned a lot from you thank you sir

  • Naresh Kumar Kurnool says:

    Nice tips.Thanks

  • marisol malijan says:

    this helps a lot

  • אדם סילבר says:

    man you helped me a lot!!! thxxxxxx

  • Rudy van der Veen says:

    Thanx for the info! It was very helpful

  • Moon Simphony says:

    THANKS :)

  • Jeanmarie Altieri says:

    Your videos are probably the most informative and easiest to comprehend
    that I have seen so far, and I’ve viewed a lot! So kudos to you! I do
    have a question concerning the use of slow sync flash. Can you use it when
    in manual, A priority, P mode, or just S priority?


    I’m learning photography without any cost. Oh my god its amazing your
    tutorials. Thanks Steel sir.

  • David Erwin says:

    another great video. I do have a question, what about if you’re outside at
    an event? I will be doing an outside party event that will run from early
    afternoon to the evening and also at sporting events like Rolex 24 and
    TUDOR sports races. 


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