Professional photographer, Robert Jacobs will cover his approach to Food and Still Life photography. The workflow from initial concept to final image will be…

6 Responses to Food Photography: Concept to Completion

  • Wired Life says:
  • B and H says:

    We typically stay on the screen when anything important is happening,
    because that way you don’t miss the content being discussed. Our apologies
    for your having missed something in this video. At this point a PiP is
    something that we don’t typically do, but that is an excellent suggestion
    for the future. Thanks for watching.

  • Scott Nelson says:

    One of the best event space talks so far!! Mr. Jacobs is brilliant,
    knowledgable and a great speaker!! I wish the lady in the beginning would
    have asked how he made his light box, rather than a time lapse photo
    question. UGH!!

  • Andrew Laverghetta says:

    I love your videos of these seminars, but one thing that I would recommend
    is having a Picture-In-Picture feature. For example, the video on YouTube
    will have a shot from what the computer screen is showing, but the speaker
    will point to something on the screen in the front of the room which is
    obviously not displayed when you’re just capturing video from the computer
    system. Can this be fixed for future seminars? For example, 1:07:44. I
    can’t see what the speaker is doing, just the video.

  • Victor Fontanez says:

    A different prospective, using high keyed super softend back lighting and
    foam cards. Thanks for sharing some of your techniques. Simple yet
    impressive lighting.

  • Sasidharan Damodaran says:

    What a foolish Lady……


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