How Do I Photograph Motorcycles in Action? : Photography Basics

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18 Responses to How Do I Photograph Motorcycles in Action? : Photography Basics

  • Rhys Vandersyde says:

    Wait what? Tripod at a Motorsport event? From a professional Motorsport
    Photographer… No! Just stop. Just stop now.

  • Wil Collins says:

    I’m sorry but do you actually shoot Motorsport? Shoot from a tripod? No.
    Shoot at 2.8? No. Pre focus? No. Don’t shoot below 1/500? No.

    Ok, so maximum of a monopod. I shoot freehand. I tend to go for about f4 to
    give me wiggle room with the focus, speaking of which, auto focus on
    continuous focus. The cameras are more than quick enough if you pan
    correctly and pick up the bike before you need to. And finally shutter
    speed. Head on, yea, a nice quick shutter to freeze it dead but when
    panning I rarely go about 1/250. I have gone as low as 1/80 depending on
    the corner and weight of the lens. Please either actually shoot or do some
    research before you give other impressionable people advice about

  • Andrew Gosling says:

    This is the most pathetic piece of rubbish I have ever had the misfortune
    to watch, and as a professional motorsport photographer who predominantly
    shots bikes I am well placed to rip it apart…

    Firstly, using a tripod, seriously… All using a tripod at a racetrack
    will do is get you laughed at for being so stupid, also given that they are
    a potential danger to both yourself and to riders in the event of an
    accident many circuits won’t let you take then out on track even if you are
    dumb enough to turn up with one…

    1/500… get real, that is up at the very high end of the shutter speeds
    you will ever use, you need to shoot much slower than that to get quality

    Autofocus on a modern lens is way more than fast enough to pickup and track
    any bike. I shoot MotoGP which are the fastest racing bikes and I only very
    very rarely use anything but AI Servo mode…

    As for your idea of blazing away and ending up with 15 frames of which
    hopefully one will be ok, we call that “Spray and Pray” and it is for
    amateurs and those with no skills. I track bikes, pick the spot I want and
    fire off 2 or 3 frames at most. Remember, every frame you shoot is a frame
    that you have to proof at the end of the day.

    This also brings us to where you suggest that frame is good but that mostly
    good bike shots are just luck. What and absolute crock of shit, either that
    or I am just very lucky… But no, I have skill, I have practices and
    refined those skills and I can go out and produce spectacular images time
    after time.

    Clearing you have no experience in shooting racing motorcycles, so I
    suggest that you take this video down because it is wrong in so many ways
    that it is going to have more of a negative impact on anyone trying to
    learn than anything else…

  • Ted Dana says:

    Dude, I shot a Red Bull Air Race Plane using an entry level dslr and a
    cheap kit lens and the autofocus was plenty fast enough. If anyone who
    actually knows how to use a camera can bear to watch any further than that
    point we may be able to actually teach someone something. 

  • Andy Parsons says:

    Looks and sounds like a fashion designer. All that and at the end he said
    its down to luck…..

  • BIgDogsCommunity says:

    Funny when he said tripod what haha dont use a tripod 

  • SDP021990 says:

    What do your photos look like out of interest if you where to use those
    tips you suggested ???

  • Mic Cullen says:

    are all the +eHow UK videos this abysmal?

  • Bruce Thomas says:

    This guy is a total IDIOT!! At least 90% of what he spouts is WRONG…go
    back to school mate :(

  • Luis Ladeiro says:

    Ladeiro Extreme

  • George Boushra says:

    Mate are u really a photographer ?

  • Michael Goddard says:

    sorry Mr Tim Coburn you are an idiot

  • Adam Szabo says:

    Should we wear makeup also ?

  • Mic Cullen says:

    This is awesome! I LOL so much. (Possibly not the intention of the video.)

  • Luis Ladeiro says:

    A tripod!!!??? LOL

  • Adam Szabo says:

    this guy is a fucking asshole. Shutter no slower than 1/500 a second? I’m
    sorry what?

  • craig tinsley says:

    What a load of crap!
    I concur totally with Andrew Gosling whose company Gold and Goose (still
    going?) used to supply all the motorcycle magazines and papers with
    oustanding images during the late 90’s.
    I was fortunate enough to act as a picture editor (as well as other things)
    for Fast Bikes back then, and the slides from these boys used to literally
    pop out at you from the lightbox. They know what they are talking about!
    1/500th …… really!….twat!

  • SDP021990 says:

    I see you have no idea on how to shoot motor sports, how many sports
    photographers have you seen use a tripod ??


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