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24 Responses to How to Shoot an Event: A Photography & Video Lighting Tutorial

  • reticulan5 says:

    Some great advice there Jay, I don’t disagree with anything you say. I do
    this in Australia I used to supply cameras, lights, sound and grips to film
    makers. But also did event coverage to make ends meet. I find the events
    the most fun and it’s like a night out not a job you sweat and regret. I
    have recently converted to DSLR’s from P2 Camcorders. Mainly because P2 has
    reached it’s limit and like you have said here. The places the event are
    held are usually very dark. I have 2 Canon 7D’s with primes and a constant
    aperture zoom. I bought 2 Lumix GH4’s recently and I adore them and the
    clean images. Will get a Speed booster to mount F1.2 EF lens that will
    outperform even full frame cameras in low light.
    Still waiting on Atomos Shogun external recorder. The thought of shooting
    uncompressed 4K and viewing on a 7 inch Full HD monitor which is built in
    the Shogun has me very very excited.
    Cheers from a Aussie with the same job and passion.( Rick Idak Vimeo Channel, and Rick Idak at Star
    Now for examples of my work.

  • Ciro Vicciantuoni says:

    How to Shoot an Event: A Photography & Video Ligh…:

  • Adam Hudson says:

    Thanks for the video! In terms of in-camera settings, do you tend to shoot
    in a flat/neutral picture profile to add contrast in post? I’m shooting a
    low light event soon too and wondered which way to go

  • Vincent J. Newman says:

    Some good practical advice…. also don’t annoy Q-Tip lol

  • Dwaine Scott says:

    Nicely done!!! Check out my “Behind the Scenes” time-lapse video on a
    multi-camera Dateline NBC shoot.

  • Isaiah Headen says:

    Great video about event photography! You don’t need all the equipment, but
    it’s the pre planning that counts.

  • Isaiah Headen says:

    Very useful. I sent this to my assistant.

  • prerunnermaniac says:

    Very informative, thanks for sharing

  • JuanRedPanda says:

    well he is shooting in a big event.. it would be more unrealistic if he
    didn’t had the equipment.. btw, i am a hobbyist like my friends and we do
    have studio lights, softboxes, strobes, lightstands, backdrops and stands,
    umbrellas, etc its because we have manufacturers here that sell moderately
    priced stuffs not trying to troll you in case that’s what yer thinking..
    but if yer really going for event photography or what nots, you really need
    to invest on gears and equipments

  • JimGraphics Vn says:

    Ur work so professional ! Can someone help me , i just make a short movie (
    filming with 24fps ) after that i watch it on PC , it look really lag +
    blur when the character walking or acting ! How to filming a video that the
    object moving smooth ? does 60fps is always the best thing to filming?

  • FilmMakerMedia says:

    The top takeaway from this video is that he “Does his homework” before the

  • Vinh Le says:

    this is great, thanks

  • muddiewhutfud says:

    We name is Paulini, you kept saying Paulina! Hahaha

  • Ashkan Ahmadi says:

    isn’t that vsauce? :p

  • CAJUNNSC says:

    Well done! Thanks, really usable suggestions and tips!

  • Jian Tan says:

    Paulina? Isnt it paulini?

  • Ismar Badzic says:

    Great video guys! Really neat stuff. I love the Press Pass idea. Thanks.

  • Photoshopuzr says:

    oh yes, that press pass is right on the money thanks.

  • Trey Lyda says:

    Excellent tutorial. You covered some great points. III

  • DavidRojoCancun says:

    Yes, you are right, Jay, but… what if you don’t have any extra lighting
    gear available? This is my case, I got stolen a few months ago and now I’m
    working to get some lighting. Good video, greetings from Cancún 🙂

  • Anton Fortein says:

    great tips especially the press pass

  • Sir Sebastian says:

    Unbelievably helpful! I especially appreciate how you said exactly where
    you set up your lights and equipment.

  • Ashkan Ahmadi says:

    oh sorry my bad, i wasn’t paying attention i read your comment “always,
    thanks for watching” and that’s what Vsause (a channel on YouTube) always
    says. sorry, it’s been a long crazy day.

  • G Pierson says:

    Manfrotto 561BHDV1


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