Joel Meyerowitz – jedna ze współczesnych ikon fotografii ulicznej.
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20 Responses to Joel Meyerowitz – Street Photography

  • aperitiv31 says:

    Good theory

  • Kevin van den says:

    Haha, he thinks he’s got some kind of a invisibility cloak because he’s all
    dressed in black..

  • nelg70 says:

    Dressed in bank robber black, bobbing and weaving is hardly making yourself
    invisible surely.

  • AluminumStudios says:

    @docforven Saying that he “LOOKS mad sketchy” is not a random personal
    insult. There is a distinction between making an evaluation of something
    presented to you by saying “he LOOKS” or “it seems” and making a global
    concrete statement by saying something “IS” like you did. If you watch this
    particular video, he truly does look very sketchy and suspicious. I am done
    responding to you.

  • PanzarMetal says:

    can any one tell me a replacement for a Leica m9 but costs way less and if
    possible you can put a zeiss lens? Its impossible to do street in my city
    with something that looks like a doomsday device aming at your face…

  • ArchiveEverywhere says:

    I can’t find a legal citation but I’ve found it mentioned on a forum.
    Thankyou for informing me of that. Fortunately it’s legal in the UK, and
    seemingly in Iceland. Those days aren’t long gone, but of course they’re in

  • almaflamenco says:

    haha m9? why is he advancing the film… m9 is digital

  • Ron Greer says:

    Not all that impressive,his examples in this vid are quite bad.

  • pokerjack1234 says:

    when you want to be invisible, be a ninja!

  • Holybasil says:

    “You always got to be aware” Walks into 3 people.

  • damens says:

    @baxcarias78 Not so: it may be that it “hints” that I may be thinking of
    undertaking “street photography” – any further implications would be
    derived entirely from your own mind rather than my comments. As to your
    previous (laughable) suggestion that someone is unable to criticise or
    judge something unless they possess greater talents and are willing to
    prove such – this would be an illogical fallacy. Next time you are critical
    of a movie or a book or someone beating their child, consider this.

  • vladilarabie10 says:

    this guy looks like he’s about to rob

  • furius necroclericus says:

    Mmm too many backs, no faces, no eye contact. That’s sneaking, or shooting
    blind, not street photo. Sorry but he did photos around, nothing more.

  • allescaspar says:

    looks like 35mm

  • Hr Bodin says:

    Cool! ;O)

  • gothic74 says:

    being dressed in black on wintertime is normal everywhere in the world,
    being dressed like an hunter is not, that’s my opinion. But after all who
    cares? He’s a great photographer 🙂

  • gothic74 says:

    He’s dressed like a terrorist, here in Rome he would be considered

  • Jez2008UK says:

    @Mannock Hi Mannock, I said I was sorry as a mark of respect – I like Joel,
    and I like his attitude and that he shares his knowledge. Watching Joel a
    long time ago, taught me HOW to get out there and be a Street Photographer
    (I have my own book). And of course it is a matter of taste and also one’s
    personal eye needs to develop as well in order to ‘get’ some images (a long
    time ago I didn’t like Jem Southam’s work – now, I get it though at times I
    still wonder !).

  • Kevin Montgomery says:

    @MrLuisf3r leica… m7 maybe

  • cp10111 says:

    people are hating two much. It will take hundreds of thousands of frames
    and many years to get amazing street shots. Not one day and a few rolls of


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