Hey everyone, thought I’d post a little video on the area that got me all started. Part 1 includes all the equipment and settings I use and Part 2 will conta…
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17 Responses to K10D: Bar/Nightclub photography tips PART 1

  • Nicholas R.M. says:

    1/4 of a second?? How to get blurry images..

  • Igor Ganusovskij says:

    K10D: Bar/Nightclub photography tips PART 1

    K10D: Bar/Nightclub photography tips PART 1

  • whitesites says:

    Where can I buy that diffuser? Its not the regular cloudsphere, and gary
    wong’s website doesn’t show that style. Also all the wireless transmitters
    have a ton of hardware they come with. Yours was two peices that just
    snapped on. What specific brand is the one you are using? Awesome videos.
    Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge

  • stage1game says:

    nice video dude!

  • dippa1965 says:

    I just bought this model camera “K10d”.I see no way this guy is shooting
    quality photos this camera is horrible in low light conditions.Photo
    quality during the day or of great quality but not a performing for
    low-light shooting.I guess it doesn’t matter for bar or clubs whereby the
    guest are drunk anyway…..

  • telafonic says:

    Oh nevermind. I see that you don’t want to use the flash on body.

  • Luo Tim says:

    what is a wide angel lens?

  • spotgreeen says:

    how can changing from a Canon to a Pentax be called an “upgrade”?

  • Henning Klepp Christensen says:

    So you don’t get any bad reflection on the lens caused by the flash… Or
    the sun..

  • James Mourgos says:

    @5starbrand He’s not “forgetting” anything. He is assuming he is talking to
    experienced photographers. What you’re saying is a given.

  • Larry Russo says:

    Excellent dude – I shoot in night clubs / live events / bars and clubs as
    well and everything you say is 100% right on- I also use my PK10D as
    well….. thanks for the video!!

  • zzxzqwq says:

    No light or crowded, need wide angle lens, 15mm get all of them in frame,
    cameralight is predictbale, no fun light, not predictbale light in bars,
    need a flash, hard light not too hapy with, whote bouncwe card,

  • complexgrafix says:


  • optiosv says:

    What ISO do you use?

  • James Mourgos says:

    @5starbrand Why not? It’s been several months since I wrote that, but I
    still stand behind it. A true professional is always learning. A
    photographer who thinks he knows it all already is not who I would hire.
    The video is quite well done and informative. If you don’t think so, then
    make your own! Silly.

  • Favonich says:

    Help: I am the beginner photographer in question. I need to know how to
    take room pictures as good as appear in glamour/pornography? Specifically I
    need to know if there is a set apperture/shutter speed ratio, etc. I am
    only using 500w tungsten lights at the moment and as was adivised, blue
    filters. But experiments are not good… Are reflectors absolutely
    necessary? Thanks

  • elgwada01 says:

    lol noise is ok at some point,some photographer even use it to improve
    their photos sometimes..because your indoor it will be easier with iso 400
    or 800 and youll get noise only if you didnt expose properly or doing some
    heavy tweaking on photoshop..no dont worry the 17-40 is a L serie designed
    for pro so its suposed to be better but the more important is your maximum
    aperture coz u shooting at night, so if u can have f/2,8 or less thats be
    easier for u, better focusing and faster shutter speed


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