Photographer :Arina Borodina Vidiographer : Zach Churchill Visit my facebook page: Video shot with Nikon d90 Photos s…
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Which Light Kit is Right for You ?  Video / Photography

Mark Apsolon covers various Video and Photography light kits including Cool Flo Fluorescent, Tungsten / Halogen, Strobe, Continuous and more. All the kits ar…

33 Responses to Maternity photo session (Behind the scenes with ArinaB Photography)

  • Photography World says:

    Interesting piece. Who did you have photographing you? And what city/area
    do you work in?

  • Ilovemyhorsecheckers says:

    what lenses did you use 

  • Phoenix- Halcyon says:

    This is just beautiful. Soon I’m doing my first maternity photoshoot with
    my cousin and her husband and their daughter. This is PERFECT as she’s due
    in may. She wants them done a month before so hopefully the weather looks
    just as beautiful. this gave me alot to go off of and find more
    inspiration. 🙂 THANKS! Oh, any tips would be GREATLY appreciated! :D

  • Skip336 says:

    This is very good.

  • Simon Alexander Fortuna Bautista says:

    You made my favorite shoot from pregnancy, i loved the set. i am planning
    to do one this saturday for a friend. Getting inspirations over here. What
    kind of lens did you used? Amazing quality….

  • Patricia Marcin says:

    Very beautiful Arina! I have the D700 too! I just adore the way the couple
    laughed in the beginning 🙂 super sweet!!

  • Zhanna Spelling says:

    Hi such a beautiful session, I was wondering what sort of lens did you

  • Rosetta Kellberg says:

    loved! what lens did you use?

  • uildesmar Diele says:

    actually your session photos were beautiful.

  • ak4o8 says:

    Looks like a 50mm for the close ups and probably and 85mm 

  • theseeker3924 says:

    wow that was so beautiful!

  • rociosweet771 says:

    you are amazing.! great ideas.! im subscribing right now keep more videos

  • Abbas Mo says:

    You’re talking about light but you have the worst camera ever!

  • Ekanayake Buddhika says:

    can i use green painted wall as the green screen?

  • Nicholas Fox says:

    Orange T shirt against a green background! Not a good look and it looks
    like crap. Get a grip and think about the colours in your video or use the
    green screen background as intended. I just couldn’t watch any more than
    the first few minutes. Photography and video should consider the aesthetics
    of the scenes, sadly this one doesn’t.

  • D'zire La'Phoenix says:

    I’m looking for a good dimmable ring light for video that attaches to a
    Canon without making the whole tripod fall over. Works well in portrait and
    landscape. Suggestions? 

  • Ken Larson says:

    You forgot LED lights.

  • jay ronal says:

    Well I live in the basement and I need a light for the basement 

  • Vincent Leverenz says:

    Which Light Kit is Right for You ? Video / Photography

  • Marnus Bezuidenhout says:

    Anything on LED lights?

  • abdrrahim attlache says:

    Thanks for this video

  • Albert Juarez says:

    Good video. Learn some points on light kit purchasing.

  • Zane Richards says:

    Thanks for this video! I’m looking into getting my first light kit and at
    times I feel over my head, and this video has given me a lot of good
    information to work from. 

  • Fabien Moothoo says:


    Some other important elements of lighting that need to be taken into
    account are the choice of lights, as well as their position in relation to
    the subjects in the shot, and also the intensity of the lights.
    When it comes to choosing which type of light to use for a shoot, it is
    important to first determine whether artificial lights will be necessary
    for the shoot. Sometimes, natural light provides enough intensity for us to
    work with, and a reflector is all we need in order to counterbalance
    shadows or achieve a more diffused look on the subject.
    Other times, an artificial light can be used either to separate the
    subject/object from the background or to render parts of their body that is
    not covered by the amount of light coming through the lens.
    The most common type of setup used in film and photography is called
    3-point lighting because it is made of a key light, a fill light and a back
    light. Of course, these do not need to be artificial light. For instance, a
    key light (or the main source of light shining on the subject/object) can
    be natural light, the fill can be the reflection of this light on the wall
    or bouncing off a reflector, and the back light can be a spot light
    directed on the back of the subject.
    There are two ways of talking about the quality of light that we are using.
    The first is soft light and the second is hard light.
    Soft light refers to light that is diffused and as its name suggests, is
    not harsh, bright and directional.
    Hard light, in contrary, is a lot more intense and therefore creates more
    shadows than softer lights. They are directional and can be adjusted by
    physically moving closer or further from the subject, or mechanically,
    through the use of barn doors, or large sheets of material or cardboard
    paper. These can also have their intensity adjusted by the use of
    diffusers, and the flood of the light can also be modified by altering the
    settings of the lens (when the light being used has a lens).


  • Bongani Bora says:

    I like\\\\\\

  • TheMoffatron says:

    Light is essential for lighting? Who knew? Jk thanks for the vid

  • Jaron Burkhardt says:

    I currently use the QL-1000s for video shoots, but they are too noisy. Who
    makes the MX series you showed here?

  • D'zire La'Phoenix says:

    I’m looking for a good dimmable ring light for video that attaches to a
    Canon without making the whole tripod fall over. Works well in portrait and
    landscape. Suggestions? 

  • Rich Sweeney says:

    When you say “it looks professional” do you mean the images they produce or
    simply how they look as a light?

  • MakeupbySandie says:

    Very informative video! Would you recommend a soft box for makeup tutorials
    on you tube?

  • TheCameraPro says:

    A company that specializes in affordable and top of the line LED lighting
    is Intellytech who was awesome to work with. Check out this website, wwwDOT
    it-photovideo DOTcom. You can also google them, “Intellytech.” They sell
    lights just like Litepanels but are so much less expensive and are actually
    brighter!!! They have extremely accurate color temperatures and are very
    lightweight and durable. Have bought over 20 lights from them. Each time I
    had them on my doorstep 3 days after I paid.

  • Brisdad53 says:

    I don’t mean to sound harsh, but if a little bg music is a distraction, I’m
    not sure ANY aspect of the entertainment industry is right for you.

  • A Minter says:

    ?Hey do you need a battery pack for these lights to use outside?


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