Learn more: http://bit.ly/1efWo5p Join host Joe Brady as he puts the combination of the Sekonic L-478 meter and the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport with Sekonic…
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21 Responses to Perfect Exposure & Color in Landscape Photography

  • ROK On! Life and Foodspotting in South Korea says:

    I usually just expose to the right and magic lantern allows me to see which
    parts are blown up, so i make sure none are

  • tscholent says:

    Joe…you can rest assured that the majority of photographers agree with
    science and you about the accuracy of a light meter…unfortunately some
    still think the planet might be mostly flat and that we should not fail to
    miss it…

  • OnE61811301 says:

    I’m going to report this video as having incorrect and misleading title.
    All in all it’s a 1 hour ad to buy a USELESS product for landscape
    photography! I know of no recognized landscape photographer using a light
    meter and a modern(speaking – last 10 years) DSLR. With such an aggressive
    advertising, I would NEVER consider buying a Sekonic product. Nice try. B&H
    also make a lot of sponsored workbenches and sessions, but the difference
    is they actually talk about photography!

  • OnlinePhotographyCourses says:

    thanks Joe for the info on this… landscape photography is new to me, and
    I do not have all the gear yet.

  • fresh maker says:

    I managed to make it to the 32nd minute. It might be a good idea to split
    that video in 15-20min series and offer coffee and sandwiches in the
    breaks, you know, just in case somebody gets low sugar levels while
    watching :]. Thanks for the great effort and upload.

  • jpr2011photo says:

    This is just trying to make you buy a very expensive product. Learn how to
    use exposure compensation/manual mode in less time than it takes to watch
    this video – you’ll save yourself lots of money and actually understand
    your photography.

  • Edwar Rodriguez says:

    Thanks a lot!!!!

  • Tony Gough says:

    I’m sorry but I fell asleep, this was nothing more than a long ad for a
    product. You call yourself ‘MAC-On-Campus, misleading because you don’t
    seem to use a Mac or Apple products, ‘On-Campus’ would indicate somekind of
    relationship with a university, which is misleading in itself.

    As for the subject material, there isn’t such a thing as the ‘perfect
    exposure’ there’s only the optimal exposure that makes a great photo
    better. Colour is highly subjective and the aim is have a colour result
    that reflects the individual intention.

    As for the ‘correct exposure’, you take a general reading, of say the area
    covered by the lens used, then you take another 2 shots of 1 fstop above,
    and 1 fstop below the original fstop, e.g. f11, f16 and f8. If you still
    haven’t got an exposure that’s right for you, amend in post until you’re

  • Jhon Muriel says:

    Enough with the light meter already…When you have the skills you have the
    skill. PERIOD.

  • Lucan Newland says:

    This is just a light meter advert!! RUBBISH!

  • John Leischner says:

    I’m glad there’s HDR so I don’t have to worry about this. 

  • Kag Tim says:

    So much numbers and technik! He looks like working in a laboratory!! Sorry
    too much!!! (and i am not smart phone user!)

  • Max Martin says:

    Joe, You did not explain what to do with 3 exposures of the passport. Why a
    passport instead of the actual profile target/

  • Richard Robitaille says:

    I own a Sekonic L28-C that I baught in 1967 , it still works well . Thats
    to tell you how long i’ve been a photographer . 40 years as a professional
    freelance magazine photographer .
    This video is for those who like to play with numbers not take photographs
    . They are technicians not artists.
    Keep it simple and if you must bracket your exposure and stay away from
    these instructions.
    The only time to use an incident light meter is for copying 2 dimension
    subjects like
    paintings or graphics …
    Must I say more …lol !

  • Raycing says:

    hold on I’ll be right back after I I drink a cappuccino laced with a shot
    of espresso to wake me up! :-D

  • MAM says:

    Big hurd of animals moving in the shot. Lets measure first!! The light in
    the clouds is just perfect. Lets measure!! Thanks god im at f14 shooting

  • Kag Tim says:

    “Yes I added clouds!!!” WTF!!!

  • Zoly Beregszaszi says:

    an hour of using a light meter…

  • saul gonzalez says:

    oh man shot, have fun and stop been so scientific about it, yes some color
    changes some body discover kelvins years ago but just have fun at the end
    probably not even will like that picture and will love that smartphone pic

  • DDFram says:

    Could I just use spot metering in my camera (D800) to correctly expose a
    small portion (portrait subject) rather than the whole scene.

  • ThatsGreyt says:

    People watching this, please realize that you don’t need to waste your
    money on expensive light meters and color cards. This video is the
    equivalent of an infomercial telling us we need that new amazing piece of
    workout equipment that will change our life when in fact it will sit in our
    closet a week after we buy it. This video contains very very very little
    actual teaching on using your camera and your brain to get the right
    exposure. Go watch something else.


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