What’s meant by Backlighting? Backlighting simply means having the light coming towards the camera from behind whatever it is you’re photographing. It’s also…

24 Responses to Photography Tips – Backlighting – an Introduction

  • One-Two says:

    Hey, Mike. Thanks for a great video.

    I have a question, please. What about using “Spot metering”? It will expose
    “properly” the object we target, and everything else may be exposed

  • Kris Drake says:

    Could you just use spot metering and exposure lock instead of going up
    close to your subject? 

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  • yahweh ben yahweh says:

    does the same thing apply to backlighting with sunlight streaming through
    trees? and fog, mist and haze affecting exposure in forest scenes?

  • Andresson Muniz Stephens says:

    I just want to say that day by day I enjoy your videos and I learn a lot.
    They are very helpful and easy to understand.
    Well Done!! Do you give any classes around London?

  • Ezio Falco says:

    I like your style, Mike, and your videos are full of useful tips (e.g.
    using a dark background for better rim light). Thanks for sharing. Ezio

  • Mac Gonzaga says:

    Your videos are great and really helpfull! I’m subscribing!!

  • Francis Vidal says:

    I like your technique of using the AE-L for locking exposure. I set mine to
    hold–I find this easier than holding the AE-L/AF-L button while
    recomposing the shot. Another useful tip!

  • paul best says:

    very useful tips .. everybody else just says ” fill flash” , but these tips
    are pro level

  • Deepak Sharma says:

    Great Explanation….. !!! Can you please explain how to take similar pic –
    but also maintain details of the Sky ( whether it is cloudless – a bright
    blue day OR a Cloudy Day )….

  • Alfonso A. Tobar says:

    Funny! you did not show the last two shots to double check the correctness
    of the exposure…

  • denz dy says:

    u can use exposure compensation if ur using auto mode, shutter prio or
    aperture priority mode. Mike, can you show us how to use fill flash in

  • Darren Powell says:

    Thanks Mike, i now how the exposure lock works, hopefully my photos will
    improve now :)

  • Pete B says:

    Fantastically simple explanation as always. Thanks Mike! 

  • Mick Hanlon says:

    super explanation i learn alot from your posts 

  • Justin Ramsey says:

    I hate to admit it but I never used the AE button unless I had it setup to
    rear autofocus, but I certainly will now. Great explanation!

  • TheSouravde says:

    Hello Mike,
    Can I get the same effect, if I use Spot Metering, and adjust my exposure
    based on my subject? That way, the subject will be exposed correctly and
    background will get affected accordingly.

  • MorganEndres says:

    Great advice! Thanks!! I can’t wait to have a go!

  • JillmanVideo says:

    Nat is such a trooper :)

  • Koopa S says:

    Ah yes AE-L that’s what I was looking how to use… Thanks!!

  • Steve Josrph says:

    you should get a camera specially made for you side way up

  • Mayur Sankaliya says:

    Nicely describe how to freeze EV

  • Michael Hussey says:

    Nice good video photography work, u can also publish in Youpic.

  • Vinoth Raja K says:

    hi mike . I use canon 600d and when i put it on manual mode the AE lock
    isnt working.


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