Photography Tips on Fashion and Beauty Lighting - Photography Tips by Karl Taylor Photography

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18 Responses to Photography Tips on Fashion and Beauty Lighting – Photography Tips by Karl Taylor Photography

  • Mohamed Salem says:

    Hey karl, great work, technique is superb and the composition is just
    marvelous, I wanna ask you about the strobes and the battery pack model

  • Mitarguitar says:

    so, if you want nice picture you need 10 000 $ … 🙂

  • mosstd says:

    no you need to see the light ……. you need to use what you have … use
    a $5 sheet of reflective paper to manipulate the light if you have to ….
    this is a guide … not a rule book … i used what i learnt from this and
    had my photos used in promotional media all over my town … ok it is not
    vouge but already had calls asking for my services … you bitch and moan
    all you like cos while you are we will be taking the money you let pass you
    by …….. true story

  • UncleRob199 says:

    I’d say you need about 300 GBP/500USD, then you can have an off camera
    flash and a basic DSLR. a canon 1000D can take insanely good photos
    especially if you use the flash right. Assuming that karls photo looks good
    because of how big, expensive and chunky his lights and camera are would be
    delusional. It’s the fact he LOOKS at the scene and imagines what would
    look great and where the fill in flash should be.

  • danny bowes says:

    Top vid Karl. great timing as you mention her yellow dress as she comes
    down the stairs behind you. what wattage where them biggie lights?

  • bardevilion says:

    ok Karl thank you 🙂

  • Finland Apollo says:

    Circular Polarizer don’t underexpose the background, it just increases
    contrast by removing reflections.

  • chandercat says:

    What is a Neutral Density FIlter? When do you use it?

  • Dave W says:

    Tottaly Amazing! 🙂

  • Karl Taylor says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself! 🙂

  • Suman Sarker says:

    Two three: 1) Graduated ND filters would provide a different effect. 2)
    Photographer may have preference on the aperture/selective focusing 3) High
    apertures desegregates image quality due to light refraction

  • H Davis says:

    The ISO may or may not need to be kept at a minimum. It depends on the
    environment as well as the camera. His DSLR may do great at ISOs of 12800,
    or whatever. Yours may not get near it. It all depends. Lower ISO does mean
    less noise, however, so you have to find the perfect medium for your

  • fuzzmeister13 says:

    good shots,did you expose for sky,then compensate to darken ,then the flash
    did the rest

  • Ibn Zakaria says:

    what lens did u use to take these kind of photo

  • Saigon Chick says:

    Thats a really good shot, she look so incontrol so strong. The lighting is
    perfect, Thumbs up

  • picturedude84 says:

    looks good!

  • Melody Mainville says:


  • psychotichealth11 says:

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    thanks for posting.


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