Using our smallest tabletop lighting kit Gavin Hoey shows how a simple setup can be effective for small product or jewellery photography giving repeatable re…
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17 Responses to Product Photography Tutorial Jewellery and Small items

  • Patricia B Clothes & More says:

    Many Thanks Gavin- This is exactly the tips I needed.

  • sandra viviana chavez jordán says:

    Thanks friend!

  • Prestonseven says:

    Hello, how to properly setting camera for product photography of glass
    (crystal jewelry) I have a canon eos 450 . THX

  • krystian zelazny says:

    That was very helpful….thank You!

  • says:

    There is a direct link in the description to the procduct category,
    lighting can be made any way depending on what you want. this a a fairly
    even lighting that can be good for products. Best thing would be to buy a
    kit and then experiment.

  • NineParkAvenue says:

    excellent- thanks for this nice video

  • Joel W says:

    Which camera are you using? which kind of white bathroom tile is this?

  • OWADesign says:

    Thanks for the help! 🙂

  • Misterwebdesigner says:

    Mr Hoey thanks so much for this video is it one of the best ones I have
    seen on doing these types of item shoots. Love it you have open my mind to
    new ideas. THANKS.

  • Hellen Mayo says:

    Great information…talking too fast

  • Lilie Sanz says:

    Thanks for all this great information.

  • Photographer Overnight says:

    Thanks for the excellent tutorial!

  • Cristian Ioan says:

    @smickphoto I just pick 4x75W kit light studio but now I have another
    problem. I put 3 of the lights of the subject and one on the background but
    on the post edit I can’t get pure white background without overexposing the
    subject. How can I make it right ? Thanks, Cristian I.

  • W McClendon says:

    Mr Hoey, Would you show me how to photograph a white pearl necklace?

  • fickledame says:

    Thanks for the video! I was wondering what the product is you’re using to
    hang the pendant from please? I looked in your shop, but couldn’t see it.

  • schumacher3344 says:

    I love your Tutorials..!!!

  • 469860985 says:

    嘿嘿.很有爱!英文听不太懂.不过却能从中学习到很多.THANK YOU!


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