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Mr. Brady has done something to bring home to us the terrible reality and earnestness of war. If he has not brought bodies and laid them in our dooryards and…
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32 Responses to Professional Photography Tips | Camera Gear

  • AirsoftReviewerHD says:

    How did you record the audio for this video? 🙂 

  • Frankie Montelongo says:

    i’m going on a limb here & guessing you recorded these videos one after an
    other, on the same day…? yay or nay?

  • Cove's Photography says:

    Hi…my name is Jeremy…I’m a gear addict…. :)

  • Jay Rajpra says:

    Hi, thanks for your video.. I’m looking for some advice here, I have a 450d
    and have previously been investing in some better lenses (I have canon 50mm
    1.8, 28mm 1.8 and tokina 18-200mm 3.5). However, now im thinking of going
    into full frame (canon 6D) as I want to get a professional shot with a
    greater flexibility in terms of ISO and so forth. Do you think I ‘need’
    full frame or professional series (6D, 5D, 1D etc) cameras for shooting
    weddings and so on? How far could I stretch the capabilities of my 450D in
    your opinion? Your advice is much appreciated, thanks

  • Lucas Johnson says:

    I have the happy medium in the canon line of 50mms. The 1.4 is amazing and
    I love it. I do wish I had that iconic red ring of the 1.2 and I like how
    big and it is and feels, but the 1.4 is damn cheap compared to it and is a
    very impressive lens.

  • Evan Salina says:

    Great video, big fan. A couple considerations:

    What are you shooting? I was doing wedding video with a 60D but I realized
    NOBODY lights properly, planners love turning lights off, etc. I decided I
    needed the 5D3 because it could give a decent image at a higher ISO, which
    also made my job that much easier.

    However, there are more considerations, like are you getting jobs to
    warrant purchasing what you need?

    You’re very right about it not being about the gear, but about you. Your
    example is talking about having the same ideal situation. What if you had
    to shoot a reception with no flash, dimly lit, at night, with a 60D and 50
    1.8 lens? A 5D with higher ISO would certainly be appealing.

    Another consideration is buy something good once. If having a 5D is the
    ideal, end goal for someone, they should get that and avoid going from T2i
    to 7D to 70D or whatever progression, however you’re right, that should not
    be a reason to sit around and do nothing waiting for the ideal.

    I’m currently contemplating getting an aluminum or carbon fiber tripod. The
    CF is 165 more expensive, but the consideration is the tripod is something
    you will use for a long time and being as light as possible would be quite

    Sorry to be so long, enjoy your stuff, and your solo video on shooting
    outdoors with the YN flashes and triggers has encouraged me to do the same
    as I do video and want to learn photo side of things.


  • Lauren M. says:

    I couldn’t agree more! This industry makes you think you need so much gear
    to get started! Every article & blog I’ve read says for shooting your first
    wedding you need this this this this and definitely this. Thousands of
    dollars worth of equipment. My first wedding went so well. I was nervous
    about so many things because of the blogs but I was fine with my …uh
    modest let’s say, equipment to say the least. People are always asking me
    what equipment I use so I take that as a sign that I’m doing something
    right. I practice EVERY single day. Not getting ahead of yourself is hard,
    but it’s worth it in the end. Save your money from all those little jobs.

  • Tim Krause says:

    Literally looking on DXOmark, then this video came up.

  • Jessica Campbell says:

    Oh lord that gear tho :’)

  • ghostpictures says:

    I have the 50mm 1.4 and i love it! :)

  • Mark Redshaw says:

    Wise words, Grasshopper.

  • Johnny D. says:

    This is so true. You are absolutely right, it’s not the gear that makes the
    photograph, it’s the photographer. However, having said that, good glass is
    good glass. I went for the Canon 50 mm 1.4 because I could not justify the
    cost of the 1.2 and didn’t want to settle for the 1.8… The 1.4 is in
    between so it’s an excellent choice that would solve that dilemma and you
    don’t have to rob a bank to get it. I just love it. 

  • Johnny D. says:

    hey man nice tips. hey dude, I hope you don’t mind me saying – you are
    really handsome. You should be a model, not a photographer! LOL 

  • Rachel Miller says:

    What are your top lenses?

  • Jarvis Looi says:

    Can I ask u a personal question? How old are you? Haha

  • alexa schapiro says:

    You should get the new Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art lens, it’s supposed to be even
    better than its Canon and Nikon counterparts. 

  • slater1949 says:

    Great video..for Christmas my wife bought me a D800. With it she also
    bought me the 50mm 1.8G and because the camera body was so much and I had
    be raving so much about the amount of detail yatta yatta yatta I took the
    1.8 back for the 1.4G. More money and you can’t tell the difference haha
    but you justify the purchases with only the best intentions in extracting
    the best out of your camera. I can’t stop buying gear for this, my, dream

  • Joe Topping says:

    Glad you made a video about this, it is something that has been on my mind
    for a while now. I came to the conclusion that we are encouraged to think
    gear will make us great photographers because camera manufacturers send out
    that message in their advertising. Sure camera gear is important, it can
    help make less work for you in post-production etc, but at the end of the
    day you don’t go to an interview *flash your gear* and get a job (pun
    intended) haha. Gotta be 80% business person 20% photographer!

  • John Boswell says:

    Hey David just been to your site. Man your good. Im getting
    into Photography and finding your advice helpful. Keep up the great work.

  • Molly Rucker says:

    Your photos are amazing! What do you use?

  • Jonathan Allard says:

    Good video.

  • Francis Sullivan says:

    To He’ll with the rebels

  • Veronica humpsalot says:

    Screw the yankees go rebs!!!!

  • mariano alves de moraes Moraes says:

    Triste e Belo Comentário

  • Shafeone says:

    While the Confederates of Gen. Hill’s division were waiting for the Union
    attack in the center at the sunken road, Lee rode up and personally
    reminded them that they had to hold at all costs. Col. John B. Gordon
    shouted out so his men could hear: “General, these men are going to stay
    here until the sun goes down or victory is won!” Years later when he
    recorded that event, Gordon added: “Alas! Many of those brave fellows are
    still there now.” 

  • John Salisz says:

    Photography of Antietam

  • Ellen Sansun says:

    Well, they saw what it did to the Confederate dead, but it doesn’t appear
    and you rarely if ever see Union dead….to the victor belongs the telling
    of history I guess.

  • Tenebarum says:

    The first thirty seconds are really masterful. Excellent video.

  • acerb45666555 says:

    ps: Glass photo’s I meant, not negative’s.

  • Sage Hughes-Arciuch says:

    Most Americans killed in any one place in one day American history.The
    Battle of Antietam in Maryland 22,717 brave men killed that day.People tend
    forget America has a very long and some time sad history.For most people in
    this country history is based or bad Rambo movies.That is why Lincoln was
    such a nice change.

  • mollymu1 says:

    Yes I love to hear about that weasel at the battle of little BH . You don’t
    hear enough about the indian genocide done by those proclaiming to have the
    moral high ground . But of course it’s victors history . I love Germany
    military history and defend Germans over here . People want to look at a
    small window of history and not look back over the years at the causes etc.
    People are generally lazy . Another point when I was in 8th grade there was
    one page on WW2 . Always bothered me .

  • acerb45666555 says:

    If anyone buys an old farm in the east USA,(north or south), keep an eye
    out for old boxes in attic’s, barn’s and basement’s because old glass
    negatives may have been left from when the greenhouse was built by the
    original owner’s after the war. Glass negatives were used for green houses
    after everyone tired of seeing war pic’s. Lot’s of images faded this way.
    So pray you find the ones overlooked in that old box!


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