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In this Tamron Tipcast join Rick Lieder on a journey exploring the worlds of insects with the power of macro photography.
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17 Responses to Relax, It’s Only Garden Photography

  • Alan Carr says:

    Beautiful photography work done, you can also publish in Youpic.

  • Steph Harris says:

    My curiosity was piqued by the discussion of the quality of his work, so I
    visited his site. I read a lot-and I mean a LOT of garden magazines, and
    his work is definitely in keeping with what would appear in any commercial
    garden publication. It may not be the style of work that one would hang on
    their wall or write a book about, but as a garden photographer, that is
    probably not his intention. As someone with tremendous exposure to the
    niche of commercial garden photography, I would say his work is worth
    defending. I respect your guys’ opinions, definitely. I would just say that
    you need to consider his niche to properly judge his work.

  • says:

    Relax, It’s Only Garden Photography !
    B&H Event-Space-Seminar.
    Very Good !
    Best Rergards from Cologne,

  • matt lam says:

    very meh pictures.

  • trevorpinnocky says:

    We are seeing a recording of a projection, not a true representation of the
    shadows and highlights the audience sees. And in the case of a direct feed,
    we’re also not guaranteed to see the true exposure of the photographs. You
    shouldn’t really judge someone’s photography based on what are essentially
    ‘low res’ snapshots coming from compressed video.

    At least I would recommend against doing so.

  • An Binh says:


  • parula321 says:

    What is that LCD viewer gadget? How does it help you? Is that for when you
    wanna shoot video or do you use it to take pictures too? I noticed you have
    a right angle viewdinder as well. I have thought the LCD viewer enhancer
    would help in live view focusing is that what you use it for?

  • Subhadeep Das says:

    Thanks a lot sir for the valuable tips


  • Nadeem Abbas says:

    Great Photography and Tips

  • Silver Eagle says:

    great video thank you for the tips, If i may ask about the viewfinder
    extension you have on the camera what does it include, it seems bulky but
    for sure functional?

  • F. Zaman says:

    a nice tutorial as you show us the practical tips even lying down on the

  • Chris Givens says:

    cool video! nice tips too im going to have to try them sometime

  • Wyatt Clark says:

    Wow u are THE best macro photographer i have ever seen 

  • james baldock says:
  • Andy Hayter says:

    Rick, What tripod are you using for the low to the ground photographs?

  • Cédric Fayemendy says:
  • garethininverness says:

    Very nice.


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