In this session I will introduce you to the wonderful world of Reverse Mount Macro Photography. We will discuss the drawbacks and solutions to those drawback…
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Pringles-can lens extender produces dazzling ultra close-ups for peanuts. Get the PDF for this project here:…

40 Responses to Reverse Mount Macro Photography Tutorial

  • Darlene Hildebrandt says:

    you lose 3 stops of light? I tried it – didn’t happen to me. You must be
    producing a shadow of your head on the subject maybe? I did a test shot in
    Manual mode lens right way f/5.6 at 1/60th, turned it around got in close,
    shot same exposure. My histograms are identical. Not sure why you got

  • Nicolas Rao says:

    If one is going for macro and deep into it, I would express a strong need
    for a micro fine tuning assembly instead of normal tripod head. This will
    get you the finest focus possible.

  • abid ali says:

    can i do it with 18-105mm d vr lens……???

  • Nicolas Rao says:

    Too basic.

  • FontanaKnowledge says:

    I hope you all enjoy, learn from, like and share this video =o)

  • Brew Masuisui says:

    As always great video bro I’ve learned a lot from this page thank you so
    much I’m also picking up a DVD keep them videos coming 

  • Brew Masuisui says:

    As always great video bro I’ve learned a lot from this page thank you so
    much I’m also picking up a DVD keep them videos coming 

  • ipanase megison says:

    thanks sir 😀

  • BladesOfMunch says:

    I hope you will do more videos on this topic. This is my favorite kind of
    photography, and it’d be great to see you cover it in more depth. 🙂 

  • carl newell says:

    awesome video as usual, i better go get me a reverse ring!!

  • Rina O says:

    Awesome! I didnt even know my camera could do this!

  • Aby Johnkutty says:


  • IndyFlick says:

    Very cool. I’ve never heard of reverse mount macro photography before. This
    is going to be fun! Thanks!

  • Max Maruszewski says:

    Love your videos dude, Found you when I first started getting into
    photography and you have helped me a great deal.

  • Xeo989 says:

    Peace !! Bro Robert so glad to see you r doing great As always I recomend
    yor channel to my friends and family to easy learning fotografia !!


  • ree rob says:

    wow! interesting. never knew this was even possible! keep em coming rob..

  • Manners03 says:

    How would you compare this with macro extension tubes?

  • MrMemster1 says:

    hi… i had watched your videos a few years to learn how to use a camera
    and come along way since…..thank u very much for teaching me a wonderful
    world of photography – I would like to show yourself some of my best
    favourite photos… can i do this?

    Thanks you Legend.


  • faultycpu says:

    Always enjoy your tutorials, great!!! Here is my technique for those who
    what to know more. Cheers Karl

  • MrRudyc says:

    Rob, great video. Thanks for sharing your passion. I found a better way for
    shooting macro using a standard nifty fifty and a small extension tube,
    which you can pick up for very little money. If you get one made for your
    camera manufacturer, no loss in camera info or Auto Focus. Can you also do
    a vid on this to show how cheap and simple it is. Thanks RudyC

  • P. Treesopa says:


  • Vaughn Sigal says:

    A, if you have a dslr, you can afford a half decent macro lens
    B, those photos were unusable 

  • ΗΜανασου Ξεβρακωτη says:

    Great trick dude…I just took an improvised macro shot on my body
    parts…the thing is noone could tell it was the crack at the head of my

  • Jeremy Signorelli says:

    The quality of the pictures SUCK lol

  • ThisJustIn says:

    Great video. I’m not sure how it’s done with Nikons but with canon a
    great thing to use is the Canon EOS utility for the computer. This gives
    you a live view on the PC and activates your shutter with pressing the
    button on the computer.

    Plus you can focus a little by the crank up and down on the elevation area
    of the top of the tripod. Although precision isn’t going to be easy.
    the best bet would be to make something that raises and lowers the object
    stand as well. Something like a blood pressure meter bag that you can give
    a soft pump into with it laying flat will raise the object closer to the
    lens and the release of air will lower it. you can graduate the amount of
    pressure that way.

    once in focus on live view in the computer, push the button and use an
    external flash but on a minimal setting or far away. The lens is wide
    open so you’ll get too much light if you’re not careful. 

  • Pandan says:

    “on a budget” if you own an SLR, you can afford a proper macro lens. Lol

  • TonySaint Marc says:

    look how money makes people suffer :(

  • Eclectic Jon 101 says:

    And it looks cool too…

  • Mogen Cheng says:


  • LaylendShadowbolt says:

    the video should have been called: Weekend Project: Macro Photography On A
    Macro Budget

  • John L says:


  • Thit Lwin Htoon says:

    first of all , i need that cutting equipment lol….

  • Mak933 says:

    A used Minolta 50mm f2.8 AF macro lens (EX+ condition) can be had for
    $150. Not sure where these $1000 figures are coming from…. Furthermore,
    an entry level DSLR costs less than $500 new, and most often can be found
    for $300 used in good condition (less than 2 years old). Not sure where
    people are getting their numbers from.

  • Richard Garcia says:

    Nice project but I’d rather save up and buy a real macro lens

  • Алексей Остриков says:

    Да, я хотел сделать что-то подобное. Только не знал как и из чего. То души,
    мой не русский друг!)) Yes, I wanted to make something similar. Only
    I didn’t know as well as from what. Thank you, my not Russian friend!

  • Feddy Fredrickson says:

    Why does the lense need to be point backward?

  • brandon thomas says:

    Thanks for the vid. I’ll give it a try

  • Abhilash Gs says:

    Very bad idea!!!!

  • Ali Al-Isa says:

    That’s a good “go buy a micro” ad!

  • Mr. Design says:


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