Smartphone photography tips: TechRadar's essential guide

You don’t have to be a wizard behind the camera to grab great shots with your smartphone: just follow our essential guide and you’ll know the basics in no ti…

9 Responses to Smartphone photography tips: TechRadar’s essential guide

  • TechRadar says:

    Get snap-happy with TechRadar’s essential smartphone photography tips &

  • Mark Cruz says:

    All I could think about the whole video is TAKING THAT HTC OUT OF THE
    CASE!!! Looks ridiculous haha come on guysssssss, do better…

  • sagar snoopy says:

    do u like htc one m8 4mp/up camera???
    i heard it sucks..

  • Rick Galindo says:

    Another tip dont use this shitty 4mp camera Sony Xperia Z2 has the best
    camera on any smartphone

  • Rafal Borowski says:

    And finally the ultimate tip: Forget about your phone camera and buy
    yourself an entry level DSLR with a decent 50mm (or rather it’s equivalent
    like a 35mm for 1.5 crop sensor) fixed lens. Phone camera…. geez… I
    hate those stupid cat pictures that’s all over the internet but for fuck
    sake the phone isn’t even good for that – show your stupid cat some respect
    and at least shoot it with a decent cam. 

  • Bruno Santos says:

    #techradar ‘s tips for mobile photography ! 

  • Kalessar says:

    Careful taking your phone out in the middle of London mate, some chav will
    snatch it

  • Haleem Haq says:

    Should of used a iPhone 5s 

  • Heru Selim says:

    Smartphone photography tips.


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