The pictures can be tantalizing. Some even cause us to stop and stare. Join us, for a behind the scenes look at a food photographer and his team as they crea…

Here are 5 ways to change your flash exposure on your dslr camera when using a speedlight, canon and nikon may have different settings so check your instruci…
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35 Responses to The Art of Food Photography

  • BronyHeretic says:

    @999manman Indeed.

  • powerpooch says:

    woohoo! this job is for me!

  • batiendo says:

    nop… get a HASSELBLAD

  • xxmortimerxx says:

    I myself am a canon user, but true Hasselblad, Leaf, Phase One digi. backs
    are going to be superior to Canon and Nikon’s offerings. The 1Ds Mk III and
    D3 from Nikon have sharpness near the same quality as medium format cameras
    but the megapixels aren’t quite there. But if you look at Lara Ferroni she
    uses a Canon 5D/20D for food photgoraphy, the first time I saw it I thought
    “wow, she must use a Hassy…it was really encouraging to find out you
    didn’t have to have a MF camera to do good work.

  • Michael Fowler says:

    @gidstar are not everyone’s mom. Chill.

  • sergey444 says:

    this guy “prophotolife” has some great videos on lighting small objects and
    products in simple inexpensive ways.

  • zankhe43 says:

    what a job…

  • ace castillo says:

    its a hassleblad…

  • cp1188 says:

    That’s not true that a full frame DSLR is better, it has it’s benefits
    being more accessible but a 6×6 format can enlarge with a way better
    quality. Especially with an exceptional lens quality like a Hasselblad too.
    Or else why would he be using it? (but lighting is the most important of

  • miramo says:

    gave me some ideas to improve my photos for selling on ebay

  • mingew says:

    @shoobedoorocketship For you maybe. For me it’s totally Hassy camera porn!

  • shoobedoorocketship says:

    i love it, food porn!

  • jjjazzycraig says:

    no sign of disrespect meant…my assistant has a n olympus e-20…she is an
    EXCEPTIONAL shooter…good luck in your endevours.

  • David Walker says:

    helpful video, one comment though, I would be careful with putting the gel
    directly on the flash head because you can actually melt the gel onto the
    flash head since the flash gets hot

  • Dombowerphoto says:

    @leo140485 auto also controls iso and will trigger a pop up flash.
    programme just changes aperture and shutterspeed

  • nikhilsrl says:

    @Dombowerphoto good info

  • TheAtt22 says:

    too good…. best flash thingy ever!

  • Sidney Schultz says:

    Thank you. One of the best tip video presenters.

  • TomShootsPhoto says:

    Thank you !

  • truknayr23 says:

    hahaha….. thanks for breaking it down…. nice intro too!!!!

  • FriscoJarretts says:

    From America, and a new SLR user… Thanks for the tips.

  • Dombowerphoto says:

    @nighti1983 no the channel is different. it does explain it all in the
    manual you get with every flash you buy. did you not get a manual?

  • RMO6701 says:

    32tooth of Great vid as always

  • Dombowerphoto says:

    @cathay2005 nope, not that i have ever found.

  • 76ers says:

    @JOCHSZCH You’ll learn that it’s a waste of money spending that kind of
    money at a university. I’ve heard lots of complaints from university
    photography students. I taught myself photography and you get to learn so
    much more just by watching YouTube channels like AdoramaTV (digital
    photography One on One), Dombowerphoto and if you wanna spend money then
    lynda[dot]com > Subject > Photography is a GREAT affordable place.

  • Ito Azmitia says:

    First? Thanks Dom

  • SimplisticMind says:

    Great vid as usual Dom, thanks.

  • Dombowerphoto says:

    @handsomelok programme mode will pretty much sort out all the camera
    settings if you are in a well lit location like outside during the day.

  • nighti1983 says:

    Maybe you can explain the different kind if groups in a flash setup
    (A+B+C)? Thanks!

  • Dombowerphoto says:

    @nighti1983 what is there to explain? you set different flashes to
    different groups so that you can control the flashes power output
    separately from one another. Or am i missing something?

  • Dombowerphoto says:

    If you like this video can you please give it a thumbs up, every thumbs up
    i get is greatly appreciated.

  • Jean-Luc Winkler says:

    Hey nice Video! (as always ;-)) If you are searching for free gel-filters,
    send the suppliers an e-Mail with you adress and ask for a swatchbook.
    Suppliers are: Lee-Filter, Apollo, Q-Max… If got a book with a lot of
    different filters from them 4 free. or visit a store near by and ask for a
    swatchbook 😉

  • Even Ødegård says:

    Great video Dom, thanks for the tips

  • Donnie Lerch says:

    What camera were you using in this video?

  • Dombowerphoto says:

    @jlwinklervideo good advice. ill try it out


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