Top 10 Photography Noob Fails

It happens to the best of us. Photography fails are forgivable as long as you do it like a pro and avoid these seemingly obvious noob mistakes. Connect with …
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18 Responses to Top 10 Photography Noob Fails

  • DigitalRev TV says:

    Got any noob friends? Send them here!

  • BKMPictures says:

    I constantly forget to take my sd cards out of the computer… SO

  • SuperSocomSeals says:

    In all honesty, I don’t remember doing stuff like this when I first started
    out. I have the camera in Manual so the flash doesn’t come up unless I want
    it to. Auto white-balance, auto-focus beeps so I can tell if it is still in
    manual, and the lens cap thing; I use the viewfinder but if the lens cap is
    still on, I can’t see anything (plus I’ve gotten into the habit of
    automatically taking it off every time I turn on the camera. The only one
    that I still do from time to time is the SD card, but I’ve been checking a
    lot lately beforehand, plus I keep in extra one in my bag anyways 😉 Still
    a funny video though

  • lifehacker123 says:

    Am I the only one around here who never had any of these problems? Maybe
    it’s because I bought a Sony SLT, so what you see is what you get. But
    really, I have never taken a single photo that is completely and totally
    wrong to the point where I couldn’t use it.

  • Melissa Juice says:

    I still forget to take off the lens cap all the time. And when it’s finally
    off, I don’t know where to put it. 

  • FlyteWizard says:

    I leave the lens hood on backwards, because I don’t want it to break in my
    bag. I know it isn’t doing the lens hood thing while being backwards. 

  • BadMouseProductions says:

    1:15 Hong Kong has British road signs, SO COOL!

  • farnsworth3000 says:

    I was always loosing lens caps in places.

  • Baba Wethu says:

    Oh my god. My girlfriends parents have a D90, and I checked their photos,
    and they had taken 300 pictures of their kids in the sun, family gatherings
    outside, barbecue parties and stuff, and when I checked the settings, all
    300 pictures were taken with Hi 1 ISO… I mean come on, the dad that owns
    the camera and takes most of the photos has even taken a photography
    course. There were even some shots made in M that still had Hi 1. THE

    Some things make me cringe…

  • DigitalRev says:

    It happens to the best of us. Photography fails are forgivable as long as
    you do it like a pro and avoid these seemingly obvious noob mistakes.

  • Sterling Yun says:

    Clever way to subject your intern to public humiliation

  • Kris Drake says:

    What has Alambi done to her hair? 

  • swagger897 says:

    Went out for star trails one time with lense cap still on….

    yeah.. waste of a whole night

  • DJmorex says:

    My most common noob fail is shooting in jpg thinking that it´s on raw…

  • Paul Hendrix says:

    The asian accent just makes it. funnier. 

  • Xyie Frie says:

    Maybe a cute funny girl is needed to your crew

  • Chi Ho Ko says:

    I was always keeping the iso 100 until I got into a cave and change it to
    3200 and only forgot lens cap a few times. :p

  • Gurminder Bhogal says:

    I think I’ve done them all over the years lol


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