Trick Photography And Special Effects

Learn the best trick photography ideas and special effects techniques here. If you wish to learn more about how to use your cam…

5 Responses to Trick Photography And Special Effects

  • Daelmyth says:

    Dude, if you’re gonna rip off a video, at least upload a decent quality.
    This video is stolen from photoextremist.

  • jeannette ducciky says:

    >Trick Photography Book 2014 Discount link! >>

  • gooseknack says:

    Speaker wire?? Naughty! Great photo’s though. Those battery powered xmas
    lights are a great idea and using them for light balls/orbs had never
    occurred to me!

  • Ashwin Raghavan says:

    this video its actually in a chanel called photoextremist

  • Stephanie Grant says:

    this is actually taken from my husband ethan…you should be ashamed -,-
    link to his advertising video : /watch?v=7WkvEQaTuVQ


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