I love photographing weddings, they are extremely fun and allow you to get really creative. Every wedding …

Night Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots

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31 Responses to Wedding Photography Tips – From Capturing to Editing

  • Manor says:

    I have seen the annoying intro so many times now, that I started to like
    it. Sometimes I just click on a clip just to see you saying it… hahah…

  • Andy Osborne says:

    The wedding I just shot was in this wooden church and everytime I touch the
    saturation everything turns yellow which is a bit sad because it could look
    to vibrant. I end up having to turn down the orange which fixes it but
    makes the picture a bit dull.

  • raymond jefferson says:

    what editing sort-were
    do u use

  • Mai Donaldso says:

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  • Oliver Kite says:

    I would watch more of you if it wasn’t for your Fucking irritating intro.
    Pack it in

  • nainladen says:

    @Rooooodeeeee Problem? 😀

  • NikolasKK says:


  • ajm12971 says:

    So to make an image warmer, I just have to bump up the yellows? How about
    to male it colder, what color do I move up or down to make that effect?

  • TheKingdoogie says:

    Great work.. great photo… tell me, I am an apple user and have been told
    to get aperture 3 for photo editing.. is that just as good or is lightroom,
    what would you recommend? Thanks Doug

  • Sealtiel Rodriguez says:


  • Afiq Masri says:

    Jared Polin used high iso and he still get the best and clear fucking
    shot…why can’t i??

  • Rooooodeeeee says:

    @nainladen Shut the fuck up man… stupid idiot. fuckin troll

  • Jared Polin says:

    @Snoba77er just looks good for me, i dont get ubber technical with the

  • Jared Polin says:

    @deadkennedys909 were getting to it yes.

  • Brandon Polson says:

    the colors were amazing! beautiful!

  • Jason Nepomuceno says:

    Bet he thinks photographers are terrorists too…

  • Paperlungz14 says:

    Can I use my 85mm 1.8 Canon throughout most of my wedding shots? I have my
    first wedding Saturday and this is my favorite lens!

  • ajm12971 says:

    So to make an image seem warmer, I would just have to bump up the yellows?

  • Gustavo Arce says:

    please, What software is he one that you use to do the photo editing

  • A7 Photography says:

    Another great video tutorial on night shooting.

  • AkibaAvenue says:

    I’m really sad to not saw any good and incredible pictures… i was
    thinking that i will be amazed by his picture but in fact no.
    The only thing that i can say is that taking a looooong exposure shot don’t
    make a better pictures….
    Most of his picture was blurry… without souls.
    Sorry but this time i just wast my time and i don’t learn anythings from
    Sorry for the photographer. I didin’t mean bad but i just try to search in
    trought your picture where is your 20 years in photography? Maybe you have
    a better skills for another style of photography. But the night photography
    is definitely not yours.
    I’m really sorry if i offend the photographer but i just share my feeling
    by watching this video.
    PS : Sorry for my bad english i’m not a native english speaker.

  • Danijel L says:

    The only thing this guy presented here is a complete lack of talent and
    compositional skills. These shots are just snapshots that any person with a
    camera and tripod could have done.

  • Thit Lwin Htoon says:

    good for me anyway, thanks !

  • Tanguy Beauchene says:

    Is this what photographers look like..that pseudo-artistic look ?

  • Yueqi Li says:
  • Yarra says:

    Sad to say it again but his photo compositions and skills needs work. 

  • Mbus Mbock says:

    My Photo Book 004

  • Rick Brewster says:

    Great pics. I live in desert area where you took a lot of these pics.

  • Miguel Lombana says:

    Hipster ARGH, ok shots, cool input on concepts though 

  • Hrishikesh Keshavan says:

    really disappointed. Many things mentioned are quite elementary. Night
    skies, please go to Crater lake NP and Acadia NP

  • flam3srock says:

    I don’t normally comment on these but FANTASTIC lecture


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