This week we go on a tour of my studio and talk about what you need and don’t need to get started with your own studio. Understanding Flash Photography Video…

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38 Responses to What Do You Need To Start a Photography Studio?

  • MasterBudono says:

    Please answer this question. I’m trying to set up a photo studio in my
    poorly lit basement. However, I’m not really doing this for photography
    sake. I’m aiming to start my own eBay clothing business and I want my
    pictures to look nice and professional. My idea so far for a lighting
    studio is 2 umbrellas with 2x 6500k fluorescent light bulbs, a 6×9 black
    and white backdrop, a tripod, and my HD digital camera. Is there anything
    else I should add? Or am I already good with just those?
    I would REALLY appreciate a response! PLEASE!!!

  • C Peterseb says:

    UofM shirt ok guessing your from Minnesota. Informative video

  • mark adamson says:

    if i walked into this studio i would walk back out

  • Mikkie Sommers says:

    “The world is your studio” – you should TM that phrase 😉 :))

  • wldsam77 says:

    You make everything so simple! I love your videos, they are extremely
    informative!! You rock*

  • Anita van Praag says:

    Thank you so much!

  • Nikko Left says:

    GREECE MOTHAFAKA,,very nice Spyro, μπραβο σου !! 

  • MegaCleopatra123 says:

    Great video !! thanks for the tips Spyro

  • The T Shack says:

    Great great video thank you 

  • bewitched40 says:

    Loved the “tour”… I have been doing photography for a while now, and have
    decided after being paid, hired to do all kinds of shoots, to take it to a
    different level and take it on as a business… Your video was great and
    informational! I am thinking of purchasing the Nikon D60 Digital SLR Camera
    .. I have shot weddings, sporting events, children’s parties, graduations,
    the parties afterwards, etc.. and I believe this kind of camera would be
    the best bet for me.. I do tons of outdoor shooting, however, we have a 5
    bedroom home (the rooms are big, 18 x 25), not as big as your studio, but
    believe I could offer something of a “studio”.. We also live in a log
    cabin, rural area with plenty of “private” natural shooting areas I use…
    Any suggestions??? :)

  • Spyros Heniadis says:

    To your question of the flash, the on camera flash is very limited and not
    very powerful. To truly create photos using flash, a person needs to work
    with lights that are not stuck on the camera. My video, “What’s the big
    deal with Flash Photography” goes into more depth about it, check on my
    channel page for it in the recent videos and have a watch. Thanks!

  • Spyros Heniadis says:

    Thank you Fabrizio! 🙂

  • Spyros Heniadis says:

    Thanks Toby! I love working in there, and I recently reorganized it, making
    it MUCH easier to work with my gear in the space. I’ll have to do an update
    showing my organization system.

  • MyBodkin says:

    Me again and sorry to be so long with my question: My first question is do
    you think I have a decent bit of kit to start out learning and using manual
    settings? Is there a particular video or two of yours that you would
    recommend I watch? By the way, and this may make me sound stupid, but why
    is there a need to get a flash rather than just using the in built flash in
    the camera? Peace and comedy my friend. Ta for your generosity in sharing
    knowledge. I can’t wait to take cool (bad) shots

  • Fabrizio Benatti says:

    Great video as always!

  • Johnathan Evans says:

    Great video.

  • MyBodkin says:

    Well hello Spyros, I have subscribed to you today and watched a few of your
    videos. I am very new to photography. I purchased a Nikon D3000 second hand
    about 3 months ago. I was told that the camera has not been used a great
    deal and it is working just fine. It has a AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm lens and I
    am waiting for a Nikon Nikkor 55-200mm lens AF-S, which I purchased on
    ebay. I guess I am now going through the process of learning about the
    mechanics of the camera and how to use it on manual set.

  • Spyros Heniadis says:

    Generally speaking I agree, but softboxes can also be MUCH more expensive
    and for someone to get started, umbrellas are great, still very useful and

  • Spyros Heniadis says:

    Sorry Dmitry. I’ve updated the description with the link, you can find it
    and click it there. Or you can copy this and fix it to a proper link (since
    youtube doesn’t allow links in the comments: bit [dot] ly [slash] shpflash

  • Spyros Heniadis says:


  • Dmitry Jerebsov says:

    Cant find the link to 3 hours video. Where is it?

  • Eid AlFarraj says:

    kat is so pretty luv her!

  • Edyta Szarfemberg says:

    Thanks for the advices! I’m a beginner makeup artist and I really hate
    charging people. Some people give me the money and say ‘You did a good job,
    you used your products, I want to pay you’. And even though I know I
    deserve it I feel really bad about taking their money. That’s why when I
    borrow someone money I never take it back. Asking for money makes me so

  • Robert Herrera says:

    +Phlearn .com I’m a photographer trying to start up my own business, but
    since I live so close to the Mexican border, I have photographers charging
    almost nothing for shoots and weddings. What could I do to deal with that
    type of situation?

  • Direcordingstudios says:

    This information translates to so many other businesses, I run Digital
    Image Studios in the UK, the under charging part I really relate to. great

  • Seiha Ley says:

    guy she is very you have follow love her hahhha oMg

  • Edward Munoz says:

    What is the song playing in the background at around 11:20

  • Joshua Boldt says:

    You should hot link your video on light metering at about the 7 minute mark
    since you said you would but didn’t. 

  • SoundGarageTales says:

    Aaron – it is totally true of getty that’s a rip off on artists and they
    get the better end of the deal. But there are new start-ups that actually
    pay a fair amount to their contributors. Take for example Stocksy United
    that pays 50% to each sold photo, plus the contributor own the company
    being a co-op, and get dividends. That’s a fair amount if you think that
    they provide you with the platform and being the middle man.

  • BJ Duncan says:

    Thank you so much for your amazing words of wisdom. Very much appreciated.

  • JamesDaHall says:

    Wouldn’t your histogram always be better than a light meter?

  • Hingle McCringleBerry says:

    Can I have a photoshop code please or help to get it? Thanks

  • Strange Kiku says:

    Thank you guys! It’s so nice of you to give all theese helpful Informations
    to us all for FREE!
    <3 much much respect and love sent your way!

  • opqrst7 says:

    Kat: ***** If Aaron is that blind for he doesn’t see what’s in front of
    his eyes I’ll come over for taking your pictures (not kidding). Even behind
    this business woman look you look so fun, pretty and gorgeous…

  • Ayoife Oni says:

    Can I be you assistant?

  • Artyushin Anton says:

    Thank you very much!

  • DirtHoleee says:

    Wow, this was a really informative video guys. Aaron, you really spoke to
    me, and gave me a lot of food for thought. Thanks my friend.

  • Preston House says:



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