First of three films about the term ‘Conceptual Photography’ (second one ). The critics Lucy Soutter and John Roberts talk about …

7 Responses to What is Conceptual Photography? (part 1)

  • ztog says:

    I watched this twice. John Roberts says nothing. It seems to me to be a
    bunch of words strung together. If you look deep into his eyes, I think
    you’ll see that he knows he ain’t got nott’n.

  • fletch00001 says:

    Its all subjective. In relation to this photograph though i think its what
    it is. It just says to me something i would expect from a learner, it
    doesn’t push any boundaries or even say its up to a certain standard that
    conveys a sense of art or professionalism. I like things that make you
    think or are creative and i like very good traditional, technical stuff
    also. I don’t like the wannabe ‘turnip’ prize for art types. That think
    putting up something made from rare amazonian tree monkeys sh*t is very
    different and therefore ‘high art’. Thats why people get fed up with art
    and photography that doesn’t convey a feeling. If people think…’ow my 5
    year old could do that’…they tend to dismiss it and to be honest if there
    is no skill or technical ability to it, who can blame them? Whats big at
    the moment is ‘conceptual photography’. But 80% of it is amateurist and
    boring to me. Say that and you are considered a ‘ludite’…small minded
    people then these conceptualists are…you could say then?? I think the
    best photographers are the ones who see the picture in the first place and
    its being able to see something different that stands you apart from the

  • Galo Paguay says:
  • Brian Catnut says:

    Iv’e got one of those tin cats .. dam I must be an Artist ?

  • SOURCE Photographic Review says:

    Some people know more about some things than other people, in this case
    Lucy Soutter and John Roberts know a lot about photography in conceptual
    art. It doesn’t mean their definition is correct but I think it’s worth
    listening to, don’t you?

  • Amerigo Mancini - Pagina says:

    Conceptual art is an enigma, like poetry. It takes time to be understood
    but I prefer when the authot explain it becouse in that case art become an
    excuse to comunicate in a world without comunication. This is what i
    think.. obviously

  • Jonny Walker says:

    What is a critic? Why your opinion or definition about conceptual art is
    the right one.


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