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How dedicated are you video: http://www.photographycourses.biz/how_dedicated_to_photography_are_you.html How do you make time for your photography? Well the short answer is – You Can’t! We…

29 Responses to Wineglass Splash Photography Tutorial

  • motomangp says:

    its good to see that your’re still alive :D

  • luckyMyrrr says:

    *Amazing Job!!!!*

  • Tarash Sajaia says:

    9:10 the photo actually looks like there are some water people on the
    glass… like there is one man, one women and one child 😀 😀 😀 if u have
    dirty mind u can notice what man and girl are making :D

  • PDC Ghada says:

    Come to the UK please and give us a long deep course please please for 4 or
    5 days course. 

  • Dango Unchained says:

    Welcome back Evan!

  • travis childs says:

    Hope you have some more vids coming its been awhile 

  • Keiden L. says:

    Sweet! Welcome back. Great stuff.

  • KingRasha says:

    Awesome! Great to see you making more videos

  • Candra R says:


  • Photographic Learning Resources says:

    Great video and fab results from +Evan Sharboneau of +Photo Extremist 

  • Eddy Forero says:

    man I wish I had more time to have fun like you.

  • Carlos Rios says:

    You’re back!

  • v3nom72 says:

    Wow! We’ve gone all expensive all of a sudden. Bit disappointing to be
    honest as most of us don’t have that sort of gear. Kind of liked your
    tutorials because of their simplicity that anyone could recreate. I’m just
    a beginner and dont even have a speedlight yet nevermind a super light
    thing that you’ve just been using.

  • andreaacme says:

    Welcome back Evan. The tutorial is great …. really, very interesting.
    For some reason though I can see that your style is changing, it looks like
    you have found the “super bonus” powerup and extracted all those great
    pieces of kit (lights, gels, more flashy lights,etc). I used to like your
    videos and tutorials because everything you did was so accessible by
    everyone; anyone has tripod, a torch, some wirewool is easy to get, and
    many more house-hold items. Now those big stobes and pocket wiz are not
    cheap and not everyone can buy one. I hope you won’t use expensive stuff
    in your tutorials too often.
    I hope you get my point. Keep up the good work!

  • Mufasa Theluji says:

    Hey. Great work. Thanks for the tutorial!
    Just wondering: do you use autofocus for those pics or pre focus once for
    all your pics?
    What camera body are you using? Is it full frame?

  • cmurphylife says:

    I don’t have enough time because I spend too much time watching Mike
    Browne’s videos on YouTube, haha! 😛

    Just kidding! Great video and great advice! I went about a year where I
    didn’t really shoot much at all on my DSLR. But I finally got my motivation
    back, got off my butt and made more of an effort and time to go out and
    shoot over the last couple of months. Was tired of making lame excuses for
    myself. The pictures aren’t going to take themselves and if you are always
    just waiting for the “perfect” opportunity to go and shoot you will never
    go out. Anytime you see something interesting or feel the urge to shoot,
    just grab your camera and take some pics. There is always time. Like Mike
    said, skip watching TV for a few hours (it won’t kill you).

    A bad habit even I’m guilty of is when I see something cool outside I grab
    my iPhone to take a quick snapshot to capture the moment because it’s just
    easier, even though it would only take a few more second to grab the DSLR
    and capture the moment that way. I do find watching other photographers
    videos (like Mike Browne) and checking out photography websites also a good

  • TheJesusofJoinery says:

    My camera goes everywhere with me Mike. And was fortunate to be working on
    a farm in Ayrshire lastweek doing a bit of joinery and got into trouble for
    spending more time with the camera in my hand than my saw lol but the job
    got doneand managed a few good shots which I was pleased with. Thanks for
    the videos have learned alot and more confident taking pictures in public
    as I love street photography 🙂 

  • David Croft says:

    Got to say Mike, you’ve really inspired me there. Thank you.

  • peacef77 says:

    You’re awesome Mike! These tips should be extended toward our lives’ in
    general, thanks. 

  • Mike Browne says:

    Helllooo Girls and Boys.

    Since posting “How Dedicated To Photography Are You?” I’ve had a lot of
    people tell me they’re trying to make time for their photography but…

    How do you ‘Make Time’ for your photography? Is it even possible to make

    Best wishes to you all..


    If you’re a regular over on our Facebook Page you’ll know (and love) Terri
    who’s been the page administrator for over four years.

    Terri is leaving to concentrate on her own business. Please join me in
    wishing her every success and happiness for the future.

    Stepping into her shoes and our new FB page administrator is Melissa Fox
    whom many of you will know already.

    Melissa has been a leading light on the page since we began, is passionate
    about her photography and knows every one of my tutorials and courses
    because she’s studied and practiced every one of them.

    Please drop by our page and give Terri a thumbs up and a wave farewell –
    and welcome Melissa into the fold…


  • Darren Button says:

    Absolutely. Everybody keep a TV diary for a week of what you watched and
    then realise how many hours of learning you could have had during that time
    if you ditched Hollyoaks and Eastenders.

  • Paul Stewart says:

    If you complain of no time in photography it’s because you haven’t found
    your calling with a genre. Once you latch on to a particular genre you will
    fit it into every aspect of your life. You will learn very quickly from
    your mistakes with the camera and before you know it you’ve bounced right
    out of that endless wondering. 

  • Juan Herrera says:

    So true Make time!

  • Mica GBM says:

    Sorry, wrong channel.

  • MaxArceus says:

    1:11 That’s one epic burn! xD
    But yeah, I agree, people who’d like to get better should just actually go
    practice and experiment. I often go out at the weirdest times just because
    of certain things being visible at that time. Midnight walks in the park,
    setting an alarm at 4 am to see something coming by at that time. Everyone
    who has the money to afford a camera, will most likely also have the time
    to actually play with it.

  • Linda Enfield says:

    Making the time with commitments can be difficult that’s probably why I
    love long exposure and night photography so much as that was when I
    practiced :)

  • randomted says:

    Mike, I’ve been having issues with different priority settings on my Nikon.
    Manual/aperture/shutter etc. Do you have any videos that explain how to use
    them properly? I’ve been using Auto and No flash settings and hoping for
    the best.

  • Andrew Grabowski says:

    It’s all about priorities, like you said people have to work and that, but
    if you really want to do photography you will, but if you don’t that much
    then you will prioritise watching TV or going to the pub etc these are
    leasure time, so why not move photography into your leasure activity and
    never look back 🙂 

  • Sabrina Hill says:

    By eerie coincidence, my “Shooting Secrets from a Pro”-tip this week was
    exactly the same thing. I explained talent and success comes from practice
    and I used Tom #Morello as an example. You don’t become a great guitarist
    by buying a #Fender and crossing your fingers. Likewise, you don’t buy a
    #Nikon D810 and suddenly you are the next Annie #Leibovitz. #photography
    #tips #diy #motivation


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